Texas plumber files lawsuit after business truck shown in ISIS propaganda film

Anyone who’s ever sold an old vehicle knows there’s always a chance of seeing it on the road afterwards but a Texas plumber was in for a shock when he saw his old work truck in one of the most unlikely of places, an ISIS propaganda film.

The video was posted online nearly a year ago and his old truck – business logo and all, wound up being featured on the Colbert Report’s final episode, sparking thousands of phone and email threats to come flooding in to his business and personal accounts, according to The Dallas Morning News.

Now, Mark Oberholtzer has filed a more than million dollar lawsuit against the Ford dealership he traded the truck in to alleging their sale of the truck online and its resulting usage in an ISIS propaganda film had ruined his life, forcing him to shutter the business doors and uproot his family to ensure their safety.

The lawsuit alleges the dealership had promised to remove the decal before being sold at auction and shipped to Turkey but failed to do so, according to Fox News.

Oberholtzer’s case isn’t the first where eyes have been trained on what vehicles ISIS militants drive in their films.

Earlier this year, U.S. counter-terrorism officials asked for an explanation from automaker Toyota for why so many of their vehicles were ending up in the hands of extremists, according to ABC News.

None of the allegations against the Ford dealer have been proven in court and representatives from the company claim they were not the ones responsible for the removal of the business logo.