Testing For a Better Future: Go For VAPT Testing

Living in a world like ours where things beyond our imaginations go wrong, security is a primary concern for every one of us. In fact security has been the primary concern for mankind since it ensures survival against the toughest odds. In a normal, modern home we have security alarms that notify the police in case of any intruders. Our cars are always locked with a remote that is with us. Even our mobile phones are locked with security codes, lest someone unwanted go through our private data. In a similar manner, companies are protected using high end software that works to guard the system against cyber-crime and fraud which could potentially cause damage to the resources of a company.

When we talk about security systems in companies, we don’t mean physical security systems like alarms and executive access. We are referring to security systems on the networking and data bases of a company. Cyber-crime is prevalent in all parts of the world, wherever somebody has access to computers and the internet. Many great hackers have hacked in to important and well-guarded systems and stolen millions and vital data that amount to millions. To counter cyber-crime, software engineers have come up with sophisticated security systems to combat sophisticated viruses. Again, these systems also need updates and checks to ensure that they are working properly. Much like testing for leaks in a sturdy pipe, these tests work to find out all kinds of threats that are present and how much damage can they potentially cost.

VAPT Testing, which stands for Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing, is a two-step procedure that first identifies the threats that are present in any given system and then analyze those threats in order to see how much damage they can potentially cause. The easier process in this is the vulnerability assessment which can be done using any software available in the market. Penetration testing refers to assessing how damaging these threats actually are; the more focused approach and for this an external team needs to be hired. When both work in conjunction, it gives a holistic security assessment and helps the company fortify their systems better. According to a research, about 80 per cent of your regular websites such as WordPress are vulnerable, meaning that all sensitive information like passwords can be leaked from here.

How VAPT Testing works is that first there are certain modes of testing that are used to analyze internal and external threats and the methods that are used to do so. The second step is to gather information regarding the network and system in order to assist with the testing modes. After this basically, penetration testing is done using a plan that is meant to penetrate the system about which the information has been gathered. Once penetrated, we can identify which parts were unsafe and susceptible to leaks and leaks of what kind. This is followed by making another plan to ensure that these leaks are now well-guarded in light of the result analysis.

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