Tennis Coach Resume

Any coach has to handle numerous responsibilities. When writing the resume for any coach, it is important to include all the coaching related skills in the resume that can make you stand out from other coaches. Here we discuss the tips for writing the tennis coach resume and also provide the tennis coach resume example. This example will help you in getting clarity of writing a resume.

Job Description

Tennis coach performs number of responsibilities for training the student. They have to determine the ability of the students and groom them to improve their tennis skills. Coaches are responsible for developing mental and physical health of the player and building up the stamina. They design the appropriate diet for the player and teach them the necessary exercises for improving health.

Also, a tennis coach should have detailed knowledge of the coaching techniques and regulations of the game. They must possess motivational skills to motivate the player from time to time. They need to guide the student for performing well. Coaches also act as the psychologists and help the player get rid of their fear and anxieties and encourage them to raise the level of their game.

Tennis instructors are required in the sports clubs for training the players or they are also hired for teaching the players individually. When you are applying for the position of a tennis coach in any sport association, you will need an optimized, job specific tennis coach resume explaining your suitability for the job. Here we provide you some resume writing tips for this purpose. When you are writing the resume for this position, make sure that you include all the necessary skills and abilities required for working in the position. For this position, employers will be looking for the person having extensive knowledge of tennis and the regulations related to it. Other necessary skills are communication skills and organizational skills. Mention all these details effectively in your coach resume for making better impact on the employer.

Below is the sample tennis coach resume to help you know how to write the resume for this position. You need not copy this sample completely but you can surely refer this tennis coach resume sample and come-up with your own resume.

Sample Resume

Contact Details

Anthony Silva

14, Palm Street, Boston, USA

Telephone – 478-657-6577

E-mail ID –

Career Objective

An experienced tennis coach with the work experience of more than 5 years in the similar field looking for the coaching position in the renowned sports association to help students learn new and advanced tennis skills and extend my knowledge by training the young talent

Key Strengths

  • In depth knowledge of the game of tennis and regulations associated with it
  • Good teaching ability and training skills
  • Effective communication skills to proficiently communicate with the students
  • Good managerial and organizational skills to manage students
  • Ability to undertake complex responsibilities and handle them effectively
  • Promotes and encourages the students for developing their skills in improving their game
  • Excellent time management skills

Educational Details

Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education, 2004

University of Boston, USA

Certifications/ Training

  • Certified Tennis Coach, Florida tennis Association
  • Completed training for tennis coach and passed the corresponding examinations

Work Experiences

City Sport Club, Boston, USA

Designation – Tennis Coach

Duration – March 2005 – January 2011


  • Evaluate the efficiency of the students and design the practice schedules accordingly
  • Prepare the players physically and mentally for the matches
  • Build the game strategies and depending on the player strengths and opponent strategies
  • Handle the documentation procedure and schedule the practice matches
  • Prepare the training schedule for the students according to their convenience
  • Know the weaknesses of the players and work on them
  • Direct the new players for learning the game tactics and techniques


  • Won the Florida tennis trophy  once and runner ups twice
  • Introduced various tennis programs
  • Coached more than 300 students in five years of experience

Personal Profile

Date of Birth – 3rd August 1978

Nationality – American

Gender – Male

Marital Status – Married


[Can be provided on request]

When you are writing the resume for the tennis coach, it is important to include all the relevant skills and abilities suitable for the job. Know the requirements for the coach position and list them in your resume for better impact.

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