Ten Ways To Workout with a Treadmill

Some people think that the only way to use the treadmill is to run. However, you should know that there are actually more ways than this. Here are ten ways to use the treadmill to get into shape:

1) Trudging – walking on a slow but constant pace can be great for promoting circulation and relaxation. The monotonous motion achieved by trudging on the treadmill can actually help you clear up your mind, get your juices flowing and allow you to think for a while. Trudging serves as an excellent warm up exercise, since the slow movements stretch the muscles slowly without risking injury or cramping.

Trudging can be quite good if you wish to have a little time to reflect on things. As this is a very light exercise, you should be able to keep thinking in the solitude provided for you by the simulated walk. Don’t be fooled; the trudge is still an exercise and you will feel the effect on your legs if you go about it too long.

2) Brisk Walking – this is one of the most common uses of treadmills today. Brisk walking is ideal for those who have done with the warm-ups of their exercise routine but are not yet stretched enough to proceed to the higher-impact levels. Brisk walking raises the heartbeat a little and begins conditioning the cardiovascular system. A lot of people prefer this type of exercise since it gives them the impression of experiencing a brisk exercise routine but it does not leave them so tired afterwards.

Brisk walking is less conducive for contemplations and inner journeys. If you are on a treadmill, the best thing that can accompany this would be watching the television or listening to music.

3) Jogging – jogging is also one of the most common types of exercises done on treadmills. Jogging is somewhere between running and walking. Actually, the exercise in jogging does not come from the distance you cover or the force of the feet pushing the body off the ground. Rather, it comes from the action of raising one’s foot. Hence, people feel the most resistance when they are raising their foot off the ground.

4) Endurance running – this is actually running with a constant pace but over long distances. Endurance running helps build up a person’s resistance to stress. It is particularly excellent for developing the cardiovascular system. This type of treadmill exercise is also great for improving focus.

5) Sprinting – a sprint is running in an accelerated pace over a short distance. Each sprint usually only lasts a few seconds but leaves the person breathless and sweating profusely. This is actually great for developing the power of the legs. The exercise comes from the force of pushing the body off the ground using the feet.

6) Metabolism training – the object of this treadmill exercise is to keep the body burning a constant amount of energy. It is actually training your body to burn energy even if you are not exercising. Metabolism training usually involves monitoring one’s heart rate and blood pressure and then keeping both at a constant level so that the same amount of energy is burned.

7) Combination of sprinting and walking – this is quite effective in building both leg strength and endurance. In this treadmill exercise, the only rest that the person is given is while walking. Even if he or she has stopped running, her muscles and lungs keep working while he or she walks off the fatigue.

8) Moving katas – a treadmill can also be used by a martial artist in order to practice how to execute moves while walking. What usually happens is the martial artist creates an imaginary opponent walking toward or away from him or her and then the martial artist engages this enemy. This is great for developing footwork and timing.

9) Backwards jogging – this is used to develop footwork as well as balance. It also increases the awareness of the person performing the exercise. This can be a bit dangerous since a treadmill does not exactly give a person the chance to stop when necessary since the person is facing away from the controls.

10) Duck walk – the duck walk is when a person walks while he or she is squatting. This is actually excellent for shaping the upper thighs. In fact, just a few minutes into this exercise and a person can already feel the muscles aching.

These are just ten ways to use the treadmill to get into shape. You can actually come up with more if you just think outside the box.