Ten Tips for Getting Fit

Exercise is an important part of becoming fit. And while many of us want to be more fit, we are often inconsistent with our exercise or we give up too soon. It may take several months to begin to see and feel truly measurable results from exercise. So, stick with it. Don’t compare yourself with others. A new and more physically fit you is possible, it’s just a matter of persistence.

Here are 10 tips that can help you stay with it and get the benefits that you deserve. We have many more Fitness Help Articles Now Available.

1. Don’t just do a few minutes of exercise every few days. While this is better than nothing, you should also get out and walk briskly or play a game that demands a bit of physical exercise. The key is to challenge your muscles by placing daily demands on them.

2. Build up to it. Only you know how much exercise and activity your body can take at any given time. While it’s necessary to push to get results, don’t over do it or try to do too much too early. Work your way up. This is especially true if you are over weight or have lived a sedentary existence for a long time.

3. Stretch regularly. Stretching increases flexibility and guards against injury. Stretch, carefully, before exercising, during exercising and afterwards.

4. Use weight training to build muscle tone and physical strength.

5. Balance muscle building with aerobic exercises to increase stamina and build endurance.

6. Keep you weight where it belongs. Once you reach your optimum weight, Keep it there.

7. Eat a healthy diet. A big part of keeping weight at optimum is to eat good nutritious food. Stay away from a lot of junk food.

8. Learn to relax. Don’t stress out over elements in your life over which you have no control. And watch your mind, literally. Practice stepping back and objectively looking at your thoughts and emotions, several times a day. The more you practice this the easier it will get and easier it will be to bring stressful emotions and thoughts under control.

9. Get the rest that you need. You should get enough rest that you feel refreshed and alert and in good spirits when you wake up.

10. Stay focused on doing what you need to do to follow your exercise and diet program. Exercise when it’s time to exercise and eat when its time to eat.

Persistence is the key to physical fitness. This is particularly true if you have been out of shape for a long time. Good luck! We have many more Fitness Help Articles Now Available.

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