Ten Key Interview Tips

In this fast growing economy, landing a suitable job is very tough due to rush of applicants. But, interview tips play a great role in landing you a perfect job. Your education, school, college and previous experience do not matter if you aren’t able to compete interview successfully. Job interview tips help you to become suitable candidate for the post.

Job interviews can make you anxious! You have twenty-four hours to go before your interview and you need to know what to prepare. Following these 6 essential job interview tips the day before the interview will greatly increase your confidence and your chances of success.

You will want to also go online and look up a list of possible interview questions that most companies will ask. You should keep in mind that these companies are also looking the list up and they are often the many questions that they will ask. When you get prepared for an interview you’ll feel more comfortable. You will also find that there are things that you can do to be even more prepared for the unexpected questions.

Read The Job Description.
The first stage of the interview preparation process is to read the Job Description and Person Specification carefully. Analyzing these documents will enable you to identify the specific skills and abilities the employer is looking for, and ultimately help you decide whether you have the requisite competencies for the role. It will also give you the opportunity to highlight the key points you need to make at interview to persuade the interviewer that you do meet all of the requirements.

1.    Communication ~ Whether it is verbal phone calls or written emails, poorly stated or disorganized communication shows a lack of professionalism. Also, during an interview, don’t be shy or soft spoken. Maintain eye contact with the interviewer and carefully listen to everything they say.

2.    Body language ~ The fact is you are being judged from the second you walk into an interview. That’s right, before you even say a word the interview committee is already judging you just based upon your body language.

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