Systemcleaner Pro Is A Bogus Antivirus Program

SystemCleaner PRO is a rogue security program that claims to detect and remove Trojans, spyware, adware and other malicious software.  This application is actually spyware, and uses aggressive and misleading security warnings and fake system scanners to convince you that your PC is infected.  It is all an attempt to get you to purchase the product, which is useless.

This misleading program displays constant security alerts, warning that your PC is infected.  The online scanners will detect infected files, although they are fabricated and harmless.  SystemCleaner PRO is incapable of scanning your computer, and cannot detect or remove any threat or infection.

Where malware comes from

You may wonder how malware installs on your PC if you did not put it there yourself.  Most of these malicious applications install when you download other programs like videos, freeware and games.  You may also get infected by visiting malicious websites, or sharing networks with other people.  The fake online scanners may also place spyware on your PC.

How to know if you have spyware

If you have SystemCleaner PRO or other spyware, there are several symptoms that are common, that you will notice.  First of all, your PC will probably become slower than usual or unstable.  Constant security warnings and pop-up ads bombard you at every turn.  Your browser may direct you to unknown websites, and you might notice that your home page has suddenly changed.

SystemCleaner PRO is dangerous

Most of these rogue security programs do malicious things.  They will track what you do when you are online, and collect information about your searches as well as the websites you visit.  Some are also capable of accessing private information such as passwords and business account data.  Your credit card numbers may not be safe, and you may actually be at risk of identity theft.

When you suspect that spyware has been placed on your computer, it is important that you remove it immediately.  This can be done manually, but if you are not familiar with the process you place your PC at a high risk for damage.  It is best to use a reliable antispyware tool, which will remove malicious software automatically and restore security to your PC and personal information.

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