Super-Inclusive Jamaica Resorts: What May Be Included

Are you searching for a Jamaica resort? In your search, you will find all-inclusive resorts and super-inclusive resorts. Both may sound appealing, but super-inclusive resorts should get the main focus of your attention. Why? Because of what is included.

Before outlining what a stay at a super-inclusive Jamaica resort may include, it is important to discuss variances. Not all resorts are the same. Just because tips are included in the stay at one Jamaica resort, it doesn’t not mean they will be at another. That is why you should thoroughly review all information provided to you, including the fine print, before purchasing a Jamaica travel package.

Rooms and Suites

In terms of accommodations, your decision should be based on availability and your own personal preferences. Regardless of which Jamaica resort you opt for, you should have multiple options. These options may include a resort room, honeymoon suite, or a room with a beach view or garden view.

Those who are on romantic getaways or honeymoons are encouraged to upgrade to suites.


Most all-inclusive and super-inclusive Jamaica resorts have at least two eateries for you to choose from. Often times, you are provided with a convenience style eatery and an upscale restaurant. Unless otherwise stated, the cost of dining should be included in your price. For some upscale restaurants, you may find a small surcharge. This surcharge, should it exist, will be clearly highlighted for you to see.

What sets most super-inclusive resorts apart from traditional Jamaica all-inclusive resorts is that you receive more than a nice meal. Many upscale resorts not only include the cost of your food and drinks, but your daytime snacks as well!

Entertainment (Will Vary)

Entertainment is typically included with a stay at a super-inclusive resort. You will, however, find some variances and fees. For example, swimming should be included in the cost of your stay. In addition to a pool swimming, this should include beach swimming, if you stay at a beachfront resort. Family resorts often have onsite playgrounds for children. The use of this playground should be included in the cost of your stay.

Where you will find variances is with additional land and water based activities. For example, it is common for beachfront resorts to offer snorkeling, water-skiing, sailing, and kayaking. Although these activities are offered, you may have to pay a small fee, often for rental equipment. This fee, although small, is still at a discounted price and should be clearly outlined.

In terms of land sports, there is golfing. At many super-inclusive resorts, green fees are included in the cost of your stay. Depending on the Jamaica inclusive resort in question, it may be your responsibly to pay for a cart rental or caddie fees.

Tips and Gratuities

At all super-inclusive resorts on the island of Jamaica, you will find that tipping is already figured into your vacation costs. This means that you are not required to tip. In fact, most encourage you not to. This is one way that a super-inclusive resort is different than an all-inclusive Jamaica resort, where tipping may still be encouraged.

Amenities (Will Vary)

All hotels and resorts provide guests with various amenities, but you will be pleased with the amenities provided at super-inclusive resorts. Of course, a television and telephone are provided, but what about a CD player in every room? That is just the beginning. Although you may find some variances, depending on the resort in question, you may find arts and crafts, indoor game rooms, and much more.

Airport Transfers

On the island of Jamaica, all super-inclusive resorts include the cost of airport transfers. For your convenience, it is best to examine the nearest airports before making your air travel arrangements.

In terms of airport transfers, they are included with all super-inclusive Jamaica resorts. With that said, not all all-inclusive resorts offer this convenient service. For that reason, be sure to know the difference between super and all-inclusive.

As you can see, there is a lot that you gain access to with a stay at a super-inclusive resort. On the island of Jamaica, you will find six super-inclusive resorts. These resorts include Breezes at Montego Bay, Breezes at Runaway Bay, the Grand Lido Braco, the Grand Lido Negril, the Hedonism II in Negril, and the Hedonism III, located near Runaway Bay.

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