Super Beta Prostate

Fox News and talk radios shows run commercials for products that claim to promote male prostate health. Super Beta Prostate, more commonly referred to as Super Beta Prostate, is the brand name for an all natural prostate remedy. A man’s risk of developing an enlarged prostate increases as he ages. Caucasian men and men of African descent are at the greatest risk of developing this condition.

The main ingredient of this dietary supplements a naturally occurring chemical found in plants known as beta-sitosterol. The body uses sitosterol to produce HDL. Beta-sitosterols improve the ratio of bad to good cholesterol as a side effect. Even if someone who suffers from an enlarged prostate does not gain the benefits that the makers of the product claim, he will benefit from a higher good cholesterol count.

An enlarged prostate causes an increased need for urination and decreased urinary flow. The urine flow may start and stop. Men may also experience problems starting urination and experience dribbling at the end of the process. Symptoms of an enlarged prostate include frequent trips to the bathroom and the need to get up at night. All treatments for decreasing the size of the prostate gland rely on decreasing the size of the gland. Reducing the size of the prostate reduces pressure on the bladder and causes many of an enlarged prostate.

The many web sites that market Super Beta Prostate product contain little information about how it actually works, only that the beta-sitosterol and Vitamin E are useful in maintaining healthy urine flow and reducing an enlarged prostate gland.

Super Beta Prostate contains beta-sitosterols that help promote the overall health of the user. New Vitality manufactures this dietary supplement. Many nutrition stores chains such as GNC carry the product. Many online retailers also offer the supplement at varying prices.

Consumers should be wary when buying any herbal remedy, although Super Beta Prostate does have a track record of success, according to the Mayo Clinic’s web site. Using Herbal remedies may interfere with prescription medications. Most cases of an enlarged prostate can be treated on an outpatient basis. Only extreme cases require surgery. A man who suffers from frequent urination should consult a doctor to rule out a more serious condition such as prostate cancer.

Super Beta Prostate may be used as part of a program for good prostate health, but patients should consider other lifestyle changes as well. Scheduling regular bathroom visits and using a process called double voiding can reduce the need for dietary supplements or prescription medications. Men should also limit the intake of caffeine and alcohol.

Reducing the amount of liquid a person drinks in the evening will reduce the need to make trips at night. Visiting the restroom when you feel the urge prevents damage to the bladder. Scheduling bathroom breaks can retrain the bladder muscle. Home remedies may relieve some symptoms, but reducing the size of the prostate gland is the key to successful treatment, whether or not you use Super Beta Prostate.

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