Sunshine Spy Is A Counterfeit Security Tool

Sunshine Spy claims to detect and remove malware and other parasites from your PC.  There are many rogue security programs out there similar to this one, and all simply want your money.  This malicious software uses aggressive and misleading tactics to convince you that threats exist on your computer.

This application is actually malware.  Through constant security warnings and fake online scanners, it tries to convince you that infections exist on your PC.  These warnings can look very authentic.  Sunshine Spy claims that if you download their scan, all parasites will be detected so that they can be removed.  This program is not capable of scanning your PC, so any results are fake.  It cannot detect or remove spyware and other infections from your computer.

How spyware gets placed on your PC

You wouldn’t knowingly download a dangerous application, so how does spyware get on your PC?  This can happen if you visit a malicious website or download popular programs like freeware and games.  P2P networks and spam e-mails may be other sources.  These rogue security programs are usually promoted through Trojans that find security loopholes in your browser.

Symptoms of Sunshine Spy

If you do become a victim of malware, there are several obvious symptoms that your PC has been infected.  It may become unusually slow or unstable.  Your home page may change, and you may find that your browser sends you to unknown websites.  Constant security warnings and pop-up ads are other signs that something is wrong.  New shortcuts on your desktop or toolbars in your browser that you did not put there may indicate spyware as well.

What malware does

Other than trying to take your money for a useless product, malware collects information about you.  Your private information may be accessed, such as personal passwords and online business account data.  You will actually be “spied” on.  Malware will gather information about your search queries and the websites you visit, and any data gathered may be sent to third parties, who may use this information for malicious purposes.

When you suspect that Sunshine Spy resides on your PC, it should be removed at once to avoid further problems.  You may do this yourself, but unless you are really experienced in the process it is best not to attempt manual removal, as damage to your PC may result.  The best solution to restore security completely and automatically is to use a reputable antispyware tool that guarantees removal.

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