Stolen Recovered Salvage

Have you ever thought what happens to stolen cars once they have been recovered?  I mean the obvious answer you would think would be that they are returned back to the owner and the owner just goes about his or her business.  But what happens with the vehicle is damaged beyond repair?  Then the insurance company will step in and pay off the vehicle or give a cash equivalent of the value to the owner and they take over the vehicle.  This is the great part.  These stolen recovered salvage vehicles are now for sale for rock bottom prices.  Stolen Recovered Salvage car and motorcycles have become big business over the years.  And as long as a thief find value in cars for resale this business will continue.

stolen recovered Savage includes all types of vehicles.  If you can think of it I am sure you can find it either on the internet or local salvage yards.  This includes vans, motorcycles, boats, cars and much more.  If a thief can steal it they will try.

But why is recovery salvage such a great deal for you as a consumer.  Well, isn’t it obvious, it is the price.  I mean where else can you find vehicles that in normal markets would cost upwards of $10000 to $20000 dollars for prices of $2000 to $3000 thousand dollars.  What a deal!!!  Take for example a deal that I was evaluating yesterday.  I found a Mercedes E220 CDI 2004 that was recovered and un-recorded.  This Mercedes would normally cost $20000 dollars used.  But the dealer got the Mercedes cheap and wanted to pass on the savings to the next buyer.  He list the Mercedes E220 CDI for only $9000 dollars.  Yes, that is right only $9000 dollars.  I just could not believe what a great deal this was.  And the vehicle had no body damage what so ever.  The interior was in tack with minimum damage that only needed a very good interior cleaning.  I would not have been able to find this kind of deal on a used car lot.

Recovery salvage is not for everyone.  Some of these vehicles need a lot of work.  And in some cases it takes money to make these vehicles run and look as they previous did.  But for those who have the vision and the income to sustain a purchase you can really get some great deals.

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