Step Out and Get Fit – Top 5 Benefits of Outdoor Exercise

Do you workout everyday in a confined air-conditioned room and stare at the same wall every time you run in the treadmill? Sometimes the gym can be suffocating especially during the peak hours. You are lucky if your time is flexible because you can hit the gym anytime of the day.

However, if you are one of those unlucky who can workout only in the gym after office hours, then perhaps you may want to consider other options for fitness. Why not step out from a typical crowded fitness gym and hit the neighbouring park to get fit?

Here are the top five benefits why you should consider outdoor exercise for your fitness.

The Unrivaled Benefits of Sunlight. Nowadays our work and lifestyle has driven us to spend more time indoor. More so, there is the news, researches and stories about over exposure to sun can lead to skin cancer.

These are few reasons that propel us to take for granted the benefits of sunlight. However, proper exposure to natural sunlight is good for our health and well-being. It has a significant effect in our bones because sunlight makes our bones denser. The Vitamin D that we get from the natural sunlight helps the process of calcifying our bones.

Also, skin exposure to sunlight boosts our immune system and it makes the healing process of cuts, bruises and rashes faster because it transports more blood to the skin surface.

Indeed exposure to sunlight is vital to our body and for these reasons; its benefits cannot be underrated.

Fresh Air for Cleaner Lungs. Most of us know that fresh air is good for our health but have you asked why?

You stayed for few hours in the bar last night or you occasionally spray air fresheners at home. We also regularly inhale dust that is swirling unnoticed around us. All these impurities are breathed in through our nose and mouth, and because our respiratory system is like a sponge, it absorbs all the impurities.

However, with fresh air it cleanses our lungs because it brings more oxygen to our body. The more oxygen we have in the body, the better it is because it boosts up our energy level and it significantly clears our brain.

If you want to be on top of your performance always, physical and mentally, step out and get a fresh air. The easiest way to achieve this is to carry out a regular outdoor exercise.

A moment to Appreciate Mother Nature. Let us face it. We run in the treadmill everyday and looking at the same wall for an hour or two. Or you can deceive yourself and install a nature theme TV screen but still, nothing can replace the real beauty of nature – the vast blue sky, the greenery landscape and the woods.

These beautiful sceneries are soothing not only to our eyes but to our total well-being. Exercising outdoor is invigorating and revitalizing experience.

Fun & Adventure. How many of us quit the gym because of boredom because we do the same routine every day?

There are great outdoor workouts that you can choose and it ranges from jogging, hiking, swimming, cycling, gardening, skiing, skateboarding and so on.

Opportunity to Develop New Skills or Hobby. You cannot certainly be extremely good in all various sports but you can definitely try and continue practicing until you become good at it. This process can lead you to discovering an untapped potential to excel at certain outdoor sports or exercise that you never consider before being good at.

It is a good occasion to learn, explore and nurture new skills or hobby.

These top five benefits of outdoor exercise cannot be taken for granted. It is the best way to keep a healthy lifestyle and improve your fitness level. Though another option you can consider is fitness boot camp wherein you will have the proper guidance from certified fitness experts and nutritionists. Boot camps offer varied outdoor activities and exercises.

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