Stand And Deliver: Taking A Look At No-Floor, Crunchless Ab Sculpting

The fast track to a great set of abs takes a healthy balanced diet, plenty of exercise and most importantly, time dedicated. If six-pack cravers are willing to put in the effort, a trimmed torso will be well on its way–to stay.

Let me preface by stating that a good nutrition plan is the essential component of any successful health and fitness program. It is important to understand and balance the basics of all food groups, which means that proteins, carbs and fats are all part of the equation (in their own moderation).

In addition to ab training, cardiovascular exercise is also vital not only for burning fat but important to maintain a healthy heart. With these in mind, we move on to ab exercising.

Traditional ab workouts (such as crunches and sit-ups) use a “top-down” motion that put the upper body at risk of injury if not executed properly. Traditional “Bottom up” exercises such as “hanging leg raises” and “leg lifts” are highly effective for developing great abs without that risk— yet let it be known that they are very difficult to perform.

Hence, I’ve gravitated towards testing out the new AbCoaster®  from a company called Tristar Products. This ab machine is built with a patented “Natural Arc Motion,” making it possible for people like me to engage the abs from the bottom up (just as every expert recommends) but with ease, comfort and without the need to hang from a bar. Instead, you, the user are situated in a comfortable kneeling position off the floor as the curved track guides you through a perfect lower abdominal lift. The kneepad adjusts or “swivels” for isolation of the obliques and other ab muscles, even adding weights for advanced resistance.

I find that the best aspect of the Ab Coaster® besides the fact that it works all of the muscles in the midsection, is that it does so while eliminating stress to your head, neck, back or shoulders. This was once an impossible feat when working out ones abdominals. Even if one chooses to sculpt the torso with an aggressive workout regimen, there is no need to worry about proper technique and neck straining to avoid serious injury. The unique design allows anyone–from professional athletes to at-home beginners–to focus on the exercise to work the ab muscles safely, effectively and comfortably.

If the Ab Coaster® has the U.S. Army’s stamp of approval, then it has mine.

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