Speeding Ticket-How Will It Affect My Auto Insurance Rates?

After the initial shock of receiving a speeding ticket the thought in the back of anyone’s mind is how will this affect my auto insurance rates? It’s nothing to be shocked about when you see your auto’s insurance rates rise after receiving a speeding ticket, and even if you move out of state you are still left with the skeleton in your closet because a speeding ticket stays on your driving record for so long. Here are a few common concerns when dealing with a rise in insurance rates after receiving a traffic citation.

How long will I have to pay?
Most insurance companies have different time frames for speeding tickets, but most average between three and five years. Sounds like a long time, but insurance companies reward and penalize customers for doing different things. A traffic citation is considered a no, no to and automobile insurance company and they believe that the rise in an insurance rate along with the time you have to pay for it will have drivers learning a very quick lesson about speeding. Some auto insurance companies raise insurance premiums by the number of points taken off your license, after awhile these points will eventually expire, making your insurance premiums drop as an insurer gains their points back.

Why do your insurance premiums rise?
When and auto insurance company is providing insurance for someone, the cost of your premium depends on how much of a risk you are at costing an insurance company money in the long run. If there is a greater potential risk for insurance companies to have to pay out with you as an insurer, your premiums will be higher. An automobile insurance company has many statistics to compare, and with a speeding ticket on a driving record, most insurance companies will see this driver as reckless, and are more likely to receive future traffic citations, along with a higher risk of causing traffic accidents, both major and minor than that of a person with clean driving record. So when you receive a speeding ticket, this flags the insurance company letting them know that you are a potential risk for filling out an insurance claim under their policy.

How can I change my rise in premiums?
Contact your insurance company and ask if there is anything that can be done about your rising insurance premium. Some insurance companies will suggest enrolling into a driver safety course which can vary from state to state. You can also see about changing the coverage levels on your car, paying more or less can dramatically affect your insurance premium, or you can make voluntary safety upgrades to your vehicle to potentially reduce your insurance premiums.

Knowing these facts should make any insured driver want to back off the gas a little, and pay closer attention to the speed limit. The repercussion for one traffic citation can last for years, not only costing at the court house, but can potentially cost thousands more, for months to come.

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