Some Useful Dutch Phrases

Dutch language belongs to the Germanic sub class of Indo European Languages. It is the same sub class to which English and German also belong. To be precise, Dutch language is a West Germanic, Low German language spoken by around 24 million people, mostly in the Netherlands Belgium and Aruba. Dutch is written in Latin alphabet. It is grammatically similar to German. Dutch language has also borrowed many words from English language and Dutch speak very good English themselves. The English speaker, therefore, should not have any problem in places like Amsterdam for instance but knowledge of a little Dutch is every where appreciated. The following is a brief albeit very useful Dutch phrases which will help any person who is on a visit to Holland or on a vacation to the very beautiful island of Aruba in South America.

English – Dutch – Pronunciation

Hello- Hallo – hullo

Good morning – Goedemorgen – hkoo-der mor-hen

Good afternoon – Goedemiddag – hkoo-der mid-duk

Good day – Goededag – hkoo-der duk

Good evening – Goedeavond – hkoo-der ah-vent

Good night – Goedenacht – hkoo-der nukt

How are you? – Hoe gaat het? – hoo GAHT hut?

Fine, thank you – Goed, dank u – GOOT, dahnk uu

What is your name? – Hoe heet u? – hoo HAYT uu?

My name is… – Mijn naam is… – meyn NAHM is

Do you speak English? – Spreekt u engels? – spaykt oo eng-els

Sorry, I don’t speak Dutch – Sorry, ik spreek geen nederlands – sorry, ik sprayk gkane nay-der-lunts

I don’t understand – Ik begrijp niet – ik ber-gkreyp neet

Nice to meet you – Aangenam kennis te maken – AHN-guh-NAH-muh KAN-nis-MAHK-ing

Where are you from? – Waar komt u vandaan? – vahr kawmt ew fun-dahn?

Where do you live? – Waar woont u? – vahr vohnt ew?

How old are you? – Hoe oud bent u? – hoo owt bent ew?

I am ____ years old – Ik ben… jaar oud – ik ben… yahr owt

Have fun! – Veel plezier! – fayl pleh-zeer

That is great / terrible! – Dat is geweldig / vreselijk! – dat is khuh-vehl-duhkh / fray-zuh-likh

Goodbye – Tot ziens – tot zeens

Yes – Ja – yah

No – Nee – nay

Please / there you go – Alstublieft – uls-too-bleeft

Thank you – Dank u – dank u

Thank you very much – Dank u wel – dank u val

Excuse me – Pardon – par-don

How much is…? – Wat kost…? – vat kost…?

I can’t speak Dutch – Ik spreek geen Nederlands – ick SPRAYK gayn NAY-dur-lawnts

I can’t speak Dutch well – Ik spreek niet goed Nederlands – ick SPRAYK neet goot NAY-dur-lawnts

Is there someone here who speaks English? – Spreekt hier iemand Engels – SPRAYKT here EE-mahnt ENG-uls?

Where is the toilet? – Waar is het toilet? – WAHR is hut twah-LET

If you closely observe the phrases given above you will feel a close similarity with German. Infact English, Dutch and German are sister languages. If you know one language you should not have much difficulty learning the other two. It is suggested to a native English speaker to first learn German and then Dutch will be very easy to master.

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