Some Facts You Ought to Know About Mount Everest

Nobody ever knew that Mount Everest is the tallest mountain on the world until 1852 when a young man in India entered the room of his boss and announced that he has discovered the tallest mountain. People got curious and they started calculating its height and soon they found that the man was right.

Later this great mountain was named ‘Mount Everest’ as an honor to Sir George Everest – the surveyor general of India. Though a lot has been already filmed and written about this great mountain, there are still some facts many people are not aware of. The following are some such interesting Mt. Everest facts that you may not have read or heard of before.

Tallest Mountain on the Earth

When measured from the base, Mount Everest is not the only tallest mountain on earth. In fact, there are many other mountains that are taller than it and Mauna Kea in Hawaii tops this list. However, the only thing that keeps Mauna Kea from being the tallest mountain (10,200 meters from base) is its height above sea level which is only 4,205 meter compared to 8,848 meters of Mt. Everest.

Sir Edmund Hillary Was the First Person to Reach the Summit of the Mountain

It was on 29th May, 1953 at 11:30 am that Edmund Hillary and his team made it to the top of the world. Though Hillary said the whole team reached the top together, his group members later accepted that it was Hillary who first conquered the peak of Mt. Everest. However, the fact is that Hillary was not the only person who attempted to climb this mountain, before him George HL Mallory also made an unsuccessful attempt to climb the mountain and his body was found frozen on the mountain in the late 1990’s.

Everest Is Home to Black Spiders

At an altitude where even the survival of human beings is difficult a number of black spiders have been found. It is said that they survive on dead insects that are blown by wind.

Mt. Everest Is an Amazing Tourist Attraction in Nepal

The stately mountain attracts hundreds of people each year. Some of them are experienced mount climbers while some are novice. Then there are some who do not know climbing but they still want to see this magnificent snowy mountain. For this, they are even willing to pay a high price as much as $20,000 per person to get permission by the state to climb the mountain. Thus, Mt. Everest generates significant revenue for Nepal.

So these were some amazing Mt. Everest facts you ought to know even if you do not plan to climb the mountain. There are also several motivational stories of climbers who did not give up on their mission to climb it despite a number of challenges and difficulties. Novice and inexperienced climbers can learn from them and create a new world record by reaching the Mount Everest’s incredible height.

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