Some Common Dumbbell Exercise Routines

If you want to make a workout routine, there are some ways you can do. One of the ways is by using traditional equipment such as dumbbell. It is more reasonable rather than the high-tech equipment. However, you can also get the same advantage like the expensive exercise equipment.

When you have workout by using dumbbell, you will be able to get a full workout. In addition it also enables you to get a variety of exercises. With this cheap equipment, you can have a cheap and safe exercise routine. The most common goals by doing exercise using dumbbell include strength, endurance and also muscle tone.

The primary exercises you can do by using this cheap equipment include two main activities such as bench press and also curl. Curling activity include standing straight up with each of the hands handles dumbbells. Place each hand at each side of you. Raise your right hand up with a bend at your elbow and the weight so that it will be parallel to your shoulders. Then, return to the first position and alter your left hand to do the same as the right one until you comes to the complete repetitions.

The second main activity is bench press. It needs a weight-lifting bench. The first thing you need to do is to sit on the bench with the dumbbell rest across each of the thighs. Lift up the dumbbells and then lay back so that you will get the weight rest at your shoulders. Then, push the weight upward using your right hand until your hand is fully extended. Then, put the weight slowly to its starting position.

Repeat the procedure above with your left hand. You can alter this activity between the right and left hands. If you want to exercise with heavier dumbbells, you can have a spotter in order to prevent the injury. Typically, when you do dumbbells routine, you have to make a repetition of up to 10 or 12 times. You can take a few minute to rest.

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