Smokey Eyes Make Up Tips For Your Sultry Eyes

Make up is a most revered item for most women, as it helps to keep them pleasing and attractive everyday for work, or during occasional night-outs. This explains why we spend most of our money purchasing these kinds of items from the department store. The ability to look and feel sexy is every woman’s fulfillment whether we deny it or not. And talking about make-up. There is nothing as sultrier and sexier as smokey eyes make up, which this article will teach you a number of smokey eyes make up tips.

This kind of make up has been made popular through time by the sultry variations done to many female celebrities by their world-renowned stylists and make-up artists. From the red carpet to gala shows, one will definitely see a celebrity don a sultry-eyed make-up to match a dress or an evening gown, to the delight of many fashion enthusiasts out there who always keep an eye on the latest and hottest styles of make-up to try on, themselves. As this has been popularly worn by the most controversial faces in Hollywood, it has become a sought-after look for years now, making it the next best make-up style to copy. It may be used lightly for daytime applications, or most dramatically for evening events, as it creates a certain effect that draws everyone to your eyes.

This smokey eyes make up tip may look stunning for any eye-color, and is, in fact very easy to do. It creates a good enhancement for all types of faces and it draws great attention to the eyes, especially if you have pretty ones. Of course, the thought of putting on good eyeshadow combinations pulls off the success of this technique. For the various eye colors, possible eyeshadow combinations will be suggested later in this article, for the step-by-step application proper. All you have to do now, is make sure your make-up kit ready for your newest make up project. For smokey eyes, all you need is a nice eyeshadow palette, some brushes and you’re good to go.

Pulling off this make-up style would mean choosing the right colors, making the right strokes, and knowing which would best enhance your own eyes. If you are going to do this make-up on your own, you might as well consider checking on some artists online who have had the same make-up to get an idea of how it should look like. Here are some step-by-step guidelines that you can use in creating that smokey-eyed look in an instant.


Everyone would think that the smokey shadows of black and grey are the only colors that may be used to pull off the effect. But actually, you can use some other dark colors, depending on your eye color, skin tone, and of course, your mood. Do not be afraid to experiment with the two eye shadow colors (the feature color and the highlighter). At the same time, here are some feature color suggestions that you can take into consideration.

– For light colored eyes, like green, hazel, suggested colors are dark green or plum shadows as they will best complement your eyes.

– For blue eyes, you may use the colors: black, grey, dark violet or purple, or dark blue.

– For darker eye colors like brown and black, it will be best to use grey, coffee or mocha, and dark brown colors.

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