Smartness Tips in Urdu for women

smartness tips in urdu as a teenager all girls must do some exercise as a routine to maintain their figure and healthy weight in urdu. Regular exercise is equally important as that of healthy eating. All girls who have routines to do some exercise are leaner and have suitable weights. To make it sure that you have right weight according to your height, see the table given in Suitable Weight According to Height. Many teen girls find less or no time to maintain their selves.
If you are also a teen age girl then follow the exercise instructions given below to maintain smartness and health as well. It will take less time of you but will keep you on track:
• The first thing you need to do is stretching. Do stretching before and after the exercise. Stretching itself is also a part of exercise and it will help you preventing injury and make you ready for exercise without getting tight muscles. Different stretching positions can be adopted to start exercise. Here are some pictures showing different stretching positions. You can adopt anyone that you feel you can do easily.
• After stretching your body, you need to warm up your body. You need to do cardio for 10 to 15 minutes in this regard. To warm up your body you can do dance, run, jogging, jump rope, climb up stairs, or ride bicycle for 15 minutes. By doing so you will rise up your heart beat level where your excess fats will be burnt and you will get lean muscles.
• Mostly teenagers are wrongly advised to prevent weight lifting to prevent inner complications but as a result they are trapped in more complications. Some young girls think that if they lift weight they will get tight muscles and look like guys. To keep your muscles toned, you need to light weight lifting for 10 minutes only. These exercises will improve your posture.
• You can do exercise with exercise ball in different directions to shape your body and get rid of fats.
• You can also involve your friends in your exercise to make it fun rather than burden on you. You can join some gym or arrange exercise classes at your home. Go for a morning walk on daily basis and eat healthy diet to be internally strong. Take part in sports and enjoy exercising.

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