Six Top Attractions of Paris

Paris is a beautiful city as well as the capital of France. It is a popular hub of business meetings, cultural activities, and most visited city in the world. Here is lots of Historical buildings, museums and art galleries. Every year near about 30 million people are visited Paris to see these places. I have chosen 6 top most visited tourist places in the Paris those are attracted visitor. You have visit Paris never missed these places.

Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower is the most famous landmark of Paris. In 1889, it was established by Gustave Eiffel. Tower has three levels for visitors. Every year approximately 7 million people are visit Eiffel tower. We have many More Paris Tourist Destinations Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

The Louvre Museum
It was established in 1793, one of the world’s most visited and oldest museums, as a former residence of France. Here is thousands of art work; most famous art work is Mona Lisa of Leonard da Vinci and Venus of Milo, the winged victory of Samothrace. Every Year 6 million visitor are visit in museum.

Notre Dame Cathedral
The Notre Dame Cathedral is constructed in early 13th Century. This is the most Famous Place of Cathedral. Tower of Notre Dame Cathedral is ascending 226 feet of ground level.  It is the most famous work of French Gothic Architecture in Paris as well as Europe. It is most visited Place in Paris around 13 million visitor per year.

Musee d’ Orsay
Musee d’ Orsay is the former railway station; in the 1978 decide to use this railway station museum for 19th and 20th century art and it is opened to public in December 1986.Nearly 2 million people are visited per year  Musee d’ Orsay.

Arc De Triomphe
The Arc De Triomphe is constructed by the order of Napoleon in 1806 and it was completed in 1836.The Arch is 50 meter height. It is recognized of the military glories of France. It is a touching tribute of soldiers who died in 1st and 2nd world war.

Jardin du Luxembourg
The second largest Park in the Paris located in 22.5 hectares. This is the most popular place to relaxation, sunbath for all ages. Here is number of activities for children. We have many More Europe Tourist Destinations Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

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