Six Tips For a Healthy Prostate

Sometimes, relief from prostate pain and discomfort will become a priority especially if you suffer from chronic prostatitis. I want to outline in this article, six ways which will help you to keep your prostate healthy. This article does not cover medication or prostate massage.

Frequent ejaculation by men, whether by masturbation or by sexual intercourse, has been found to keep the prostate gland healthy. This was the conclusion at the end of a study done by The Cancer Council Victoria in Australia who wanted to see if there was a connection between ejaculation and prostate cancer. The study found that the ducts are cleared out by ejaculation and the more frequent this is, the better as it clears the gland of toxins, carcinogens and other debris.

Homeopathic treatment of the prostate is rarely mentioned. This type of medicine can give excellent and long standing results and can help relieve the pain when it is present, eg. in chronic prostatitis or when the bladder is irritated form being overactive. The medicines recommended are Thuja Occidentalos, Cantharis, Solidago Virga and Hydrangea (Seven Barks). These also give relief if you experiencing painful orgasms.

The German word for sitting is ‘sitz’ and that has given its name to a type of hot bath which is ideal for stimulating the blood flow in the pelvic region. The bath is an upright one in which only the buttocks and hips are immersed in the water. You can add pine needle oil or lavender to make it more pleasurable. You need to sit in this type of bath for at least 30 minutes because you have to allow the heat time to penetrate all that fat and muscles before it will give you relief from your pain. Once you have finished spray the area with as much cold water as you can bear. The cold water is acting like a sponge in squeezing out the blood vessels and you are getting rid of all the toxins and stagnant blood.

Green tea has had a lot of hype and publicity. In the case of treatment of the prostate, there is good reason as it has this marvelous ability to actually kill off cancer cells while leaving the healthy ones in place. This process is called apoptosis. This normally occurs in the body all the time but green tea is one of the few substances which does this essential task and which you can drink ! Green tea should not be consumed in great quantities as it contains caffeine.

The top foods for prostate conditions are :- green leafy vegetables, soya, nuts and fruit. Tomatoes contain lycopene (found in the red skin) which can help the prostate. Try to avoid large consumption of red meat, coffee and alcohol. Any foods which are rich in selenium, Vitamin E and folic acid are definitely recommended.

Urinating when standing is not as effective as when you are sitting down, so the latter position is recommended. Why ? It is because the sitting position helps you to empty the bladder more efficiently thus getting rid of the toxins. One exercise to tone the muscles in the pelvic area can be done by squeezing the buttocks. This can be done as often as you like, but the number should be increased gradually.

I have outlined in this article six ways to help maintain a healthy prostate which are valid alternatives to medication which may have some undesirable side effects. These are also things to consider before deciding on surgery and/ or massage.

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