Six Pack Abs Workout

Here’s a six pack ab workout to hit the main areas of the abs so you can begin to see some serious six pack development.

1. Crunches. This is a great and very simple exercise that will work your upper abs. Lying on your back with your hands behind your head, look up at the ceiling or sky and simply raise your torso up, but only so far as that your shoulders are lifted from the ground. Don’t curl your body forward, just keep your neck straight and raise your torso up. All you have to focus on is getting your shoulders off the ground. You do not need to curl your whole body forward and try to touch your knees like a traditional sit up. These are crunches and they only require a simply raising of the torso for them to be effective. We have many more Abs Workout Routine Articles Now Available.

2. Leg Raises. These will work the stubborn lower abs, adding great development to the six pack. The lower abs are often neglected, hence many people have decent upper abs, but horrible lower abs. While on your back with legs straight, simply raise your legs straight up, then return them to the ground position, then repeat again and again. Focus your mind on you lower abs and feel them work as you raise and lower. If any lower back pain is experienced you can also perform this exercise by bending your knees and raising up in the same manner.

3. Combination. I like to finish off with a lower and upper ab exercise that basically hits the whole area at once. With hands behind your head raise your torso up while at the same time raising your bent knees up. Try to meet your elbows and knees at a halfway point and touch them if possible. This is a shortened and more effective version of the traditional sit up where your lower abs from the knee raises are worked and the upper abs from the torso crunching are worked, creating a well developed six pack abdominal mid section!

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