Six Pack Abs Workout For Beginners

Beginners or any fitness enthusiasts should know that there are two golden rules for getting six pack abs. Firstly losing body fat and secondly building muscles. In fact, following these two golden rules is the easiest way to get abs that are well-defined.

However, it is important to bear in mind that it is easier to train for six pack abs. It may require two to three weeks or more, depending on the type of body. But what is difficult is getting rid of the body fat, in order to show-off your well-defined six pack abs. Here, a beginner must know that his or her body fat needs to reduce to at least eight to ten percent for your abs to be visible.

So, how does a beginner go about it? Read on…

As we discussed earlier, losing fat and gaining muscle are the golden rules for any avid fitness enthusiast. This can be done by religiously following two steps. The first step is consuming a balanced diet and second step is designing a good workout regimen.

Let us put all of the above into the right perspective.

· A well-balanced diet facilitates loss of body fat and helps us be in shape. A diet, rich in fiber, enhances the metabolism rate and helps burn off the fat faster. Generous servings of fruits and fresh vegetables give our body all the nutrients it requires. Also, foods that contain the “good “fat must be a part of our diet. This fat actually helps the body utilize the nutrients by breaking them down.

· A well balanced diet must be complemented with regular fitness routine. It is imperative for a beginner to have a good workout regimen. He or she should stick to the regimen for maximum benefits. If you have not been on a fitness regimen, then it would serve you well to get started with aerobics. You can start your regimen with a brisk walk or a light jog. You can initially workout for 10 – 15 minutes and as your stamina builds you can aim for duration of around half an hour. You can do these exercises for about 4 to 5 times a week.

· Aerobics is a great way to get started. However, it needs to be complemented with anaerobic exercises, so that you can lose fat and gain muscle faster. This can include weight training, compound exercises, push-ups, pull-ups etc. However, it is best to design your workout regimen with a trained gym instructor. The instructor will be better positioned to help you with exercises that can help strengthen various muscles of your body.

Following the above guidelines will help a beginner in his or her pursuit of six pack abs as this is the simplest and the easiest way to get abs.