Six Pack Abs – How to Create a Six Pack Abs Diet

If your current fitness goal is to get six pack abs, you’re going to need to get on a good abs workout and then create a six pack abs diet that will help you obtain your goals.

While exercise will definitely play a large role in the success you see, if you aren’t doing the right thing diet-wise, you aren’t going to achieve flat abs.

This is the biggest reason why people never undercover their ab muscles – they simply have too much fat covering their ab muscles.

That said, here’s how you should go about creating your own six pack abs diet.

Focus on Protein

On any weight loss diet, protein is going to be vital because it’s going to prevent the loss of lean muscle mass.

When trying to lose fat, an increase in protein in the diet will also help to boost the metabolic rate, thus you’ll burn more calories all day long without doing anything.

If that doesn’t sound like a good way to ramp up fat burning, I don’t know what does.

Eat Breakfast Every Day

Many individuals think that if they skip breakfast, they will actually help further themselves to a six pack because they will dive right into burning their fat stores.

Unfortunately this is not the case because all it will do is cause the body to slow it’s metabolism and conserve body fat for energy.

While you definitely need to be mindful of what you eat during the breakfast meal, you absolutely must eat something – preferably a protein and a slow digesting carb along with a small amount of healthy fat.

Drink More Water

The next step is to replace all the current beverages you are drinking (apart from protein shakes) with water.


Other beverages will simply contribute too many calories and for the most part, people do not eat less to make up for these calories.

If you hope to keep your calorie count down so you can lose fat optimally, beverages need to go.

Increase Vegetable Consumption

Next, it’s important to increase your consumption of fresh vegetables as these are extremely low in calories, will help keep you feeling full, and will provide your body with all the essential nutrients you need while on a lowered calorie intake.

If you aren’t careful with the food selection you do make with your limited calories, you could risk not meeting all your nutritional needs.

So, make sure you keep these points in mind when you’re on the hunt for six pack abs. Diet plays a huge role and should not be discounted as far as your results go.