Singapore Fitness Gyms – Which to Join?

There are a great deal of fitness gyms located in Singapore and they come in various shapes and sizes, types and even orientations. The fitness bug has definitely hit this tiny little island nation where more and more people are wanting to eat healthy, look great and regain the confidence that they had when they were younger. While this sounds like a by line for selling some of these gyms, the reality is that the potential fitness fanatic has quite a hard time to choose some of the gyms in Singapore. Some of the shiny machines, bright studio lights and winning smiles from the fitness consultants are blinding and somewhat distracting from the truth of the matter.

What do you really need? There is no point plonking down a few thousand dollars for a few years in a yoga gym when you are looking to build some serious muscle mass. While the view might be a motivation in itself, it is a waste of money and a waste of your time. You will never reach your objective in a gym not tailored for what you want to do. The first thing to look at is your fitness goals and what is it you want to do. If you just want to have a quick workout session a few times a week to feel good and see some basic results, then a small neighbourhood gym or even a medium sized club gym would be perfect for this. Singapore itself has a chain of local fitness gyms based in sports stadiums and community clubs that are well equipped and manned by a fitness professional who knows his or her stuff. The equipment is enough for anyone looking for an easy session.

If you are looking for something bigger and better , with a studio for classes then it would be good for you to look at the larger international fitness chains that have shot up in this urban jungle of late. Huge buildings with floors of brand named equipment, anyone will be dazzled by the close harmony grunting and loud rhythmic music pumping from the large studios. These commercial gyms have something for everything – studios with the latest dance/fitness exercise routines, bigger, better and more modern machines to build up muscles, treadmills and fitness climbers to burn the calories – all in a plush environment peppered with large LCD TV’s and music all around. Be prepared to fork out a large price, but normally you get what you pay for and some of these chains have more than one location in Singapore.

There are also specialty gyms in Singapore, like those who focus on water based fitness routines or using weighted dance and fitness routines like Taibo and do away with weighted machines and free standing weights. I suggest if you are already a seasoned lifter or fitness freak to look to other fitness clubs – smaller ones, but if you are green, the advice and fitness training packages from seasoned professionals will far outweigh the price of admission.

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