Simple face masks for better skin that you can make at home

In the fast world of today, pollution and dust in the air can not only make the glow of your skin disappear, but also give you a dark look, can cause acne and other marks on your face and body which are not pleasant to look at. Companies have come up with a lot of face washes and creams that can temporarily help in making your skin look better, but to make it healthy, you need to completely nourish it and replenish the nutrients that are lost from your skin when you are exposed to the pollution and dust of everyday life.

Face masks are the easiest and the most effective way to make sure that your skin stays healthy and looks its best, even without putting on makeup and washing your face every few hours. Since it is a busy life, these face masks can be used on the weekend. The best part about these is that they can be made at home, and can be applied easily and used in a very effective way to make sure that your skin looks glowing and clean at all times. Some of the face masks that can be used are:

1.)  Honey and pineapple peel off mask: This mask can be used as a peel off mask that would leave you skin looking rich and new. Mix one tablespoon honey and a fourth of a cup of pineapple juice in a bowl. Heat the resulting mixture on a low flame and add gelatin powder and mix well. Allow the mixture to cool for a bit, and then use a makeup brush to apply it evenly on your face. Let it dry for five minutes, and then apply another layer. After the peel has dried off completely, peel it off and rinse with cold water.

2.)  Lemon and cucumber peel off mask: Blend two table spoons of lemon juice and cucumber slices and heat them on a low flame. Thicken this blend by adding gelatin powder to it, and let it cool for five minutes before applying it on your face. Keep the peel on till it dries, then peel it off and rinse your face with cold water.

These masks can be made easily by using household products, and are an effective way to make your face look healthier. But in some cases, extreme damage is caused by your environment, which might even require medical care. In Central India, one of your best options when it comes to seeking medical care is the KRIMS hospital in Nagpur. The hospital has an excellent department of Dermatology, which deals with disorders of the skin. The department offers procedures for the treatment of skin, along with the treatment of nails, hair, baldness, and other related symptoms. The department of Dermatology at KRIMS is making significant progress in this field, and offers both outpatient and inpatient services. For best results to make your skin look better, visit the hospital and make an appointment.

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