Should You Add An Endorsement To Your Resume?

Advertisers have learned that endorsements by celebrities and just plain folks help sell their products. Since a job search is a marketing project trying to sell, “You,” it seems logical that a proper endorsement could go a long way in selling your product.

Testimonials can be excellent additions to your resume. An endorsement can validate one or more of your accomplishments and add extra color and excitement to your resume. Positive quotes from the right resource will allow your resume to stand out and give the recruiter additional insight into your abilities.

Here are a number of ideas to consider when developing the right endorsements to add to your resume.

What is the value of endorsements?

You want to convince the hiring manager about the values you bring to the prospective job. Consider who could influence the hiring manager to further consider you for the position.

Depending on the job, for example as a customer service manager, endorsements from a customer, marketing VP, vendor, or even the CEO or chairman would be important.

Factors to consider in giving weight to the endorsement are their jobs, your relationship to them, can they be contacted to verify the endorsement and their possible credibility.

Where do you find endorsements?

Hopefully you’ve been keeping an “atta-boy/girl” file. If not, pull out your performance reviews, notes from other manager or executives, customers letters and even emails. From these written documents you have the starting point to pull together a great endorsement. Also, don’t overlook verbal comments, like the time the CEO told the group in flattering terms, about your leadership in directing a team.

One job hunter had an excellent endorsement he pulled from the chairman’s remarks in the company’s annual report.

If you have problems discovering enough testimonials, talk to co-workers, customers and supervisors to help you discover other hidden gems.

Where in the resume can endorsements do the most good?

First, study job announcements related to your career. There might be slight changes on the most important challenges facing each employer but they should all be in a few critical areas.

Now what endorsements would address the top one or two needs for the specific position? Of course these needs will change from job to job and in rewriting your resume to match these needs your resume will grab the employer’s attention by giving them what they want.

Where you place the endorsement in the resume will depend on what accomplishment you wish to highlight. Don’t let the endorsement overpower your accomplishments, but rather it should help emphasize and complement your close fit for the job requirements.

Also, if the endorsements push your resume beyond two pages you might consider either adding a third page addendum or having the individuals send in recommendations that can be added to your LinkedIn profile. There is no limit as to the number of recommendations that can be placed with your LinkedIn profile. Since most recruiters will look at your LinkedIn profile, a diverse number of recommendations will go a long way to showcase your achievements.

If appropriate get permission to use quotes.

Use the endorsement strategy, not as a crutch to a poorly written resume, but to highlight your accomplishments, build credibility and build the desire to “buy.” The prospective employer is buying you to solve problems-and what can be better than to demonstrate with third-party endorsements that you are the one they are searching for?

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