Shockingly Simple 9 Minute Workout Routine PROVEN To Cause Outrageous Weight Loss!

How about another stinkin’ long and boring workout routine?

Five days a week?

For the next three months?

Each workout will consist of no less than one hour of sweating your brains out.

And the results?

Maybe. That is… you might see em’. But NOT too many.

Sound good?

I suspect NOT!

So here’s the question… why do you continue in the exact workout routine I’ve just described? Why all the hard work without any results? Why do you keep doing the same things and expect it to be any different?

The problem your faced with is that it’s all you know.

You’ve never been told you do not need to work that hard. That it doesn’t take endless hours in the gym to get results. Or fancy workout equipment.

You’ve never been shown an easier way.

Allow me to share one with you.

A 9 minute workout routine that’s been PROVEN to cause outrageous weight loss.

Before I do… take your hand out of your pocket. Now hold it on your heart.

The next step is key…

With your hand on your heart repeat after me… “I will consistently follow this 9 minute workout routine for the next two weeks.”

There is just one more thing before we get started… it is to be performed no less than five days a week, right away in the morning. Before you eat anything… period!

There are three exercises involved in this routine.

They are so utterly basic that most anyone can do them. The location means nothing. The only thing that matters is that you do them.

1. Push ups. (If you can’t do a regular push-up… perform them resting on your knees.)

2. Squats. (With your feet shoulder width apart… squat down until you’re parallel to the ground. No weight needed.)

3. Crunches. (Pull your knees up toward your chest, hands behind your head, and squeeze your stomach muscles as you lift your torso off the ground.)

Here’s the routine…

For nine minutes you will continue to rotate through this sequence…

1. 10 push ups

2. 20 squats

3. 30 crunches

4. Rest 30 seconds

5. Repeat the sequence.

It’s important to keep your heart rate up so you can burn maximum calories… so only rest 30 seconds at the end of each rotation.

If you repeat this workout routine consistently for nine minutes a day… 5 days a week, for the next two weeks, your body will begin to adapt.

It will begin to burn ever increasing amounts of fat.

You may need to ease your way into it. Especially if you haven’t been exercising regularily.

That’s fine. Just build up to the point that you can run through the entire sequence for 9 minutes.

It really is just that simple.

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