Self-Improvement – Warfare on your Weaknesses

Do you struggle with personal weaknesses? We all have them, to varying degrees. Whether it’s a small bad habit like biting your nails, or something more pressing like depression or anxiety, we all have issues in our lives we would like to work out. Every one of us has something about us we would happily change or improve – if only we knew how. We have many more Self Help Articles Now Available.

The problem with most “Self-Help” approaches

Take a walk through any bookstore and you’re likely to see a million self help titles, promising a fulfilling life if you just follow the author’s program. But if the books and the programs are so effective, why do people keep returning to the stores for more? What accounts for the millions of repeat buyers, who apparently didn’t find happiness, success, or fulfillment with the latest self help program?

The problem is not with the program, but the approach. By investing all of your hope and energy into one idea, or similar set of ideas, you’re not giving yourself an adequate chance at success.

Warfare on your Weaknesses

Self improvement is a battle. Every passing moment is a vicious war against your enemies within – your bad habits, your weaknesses, or your limiting beliefs. This internal, mental war should be fought with no less vigor than a showdown on the battlefield. To ensure that you succeed in conquering your every weakness, you must endeavor to use all sorts of powerful weapons on your enemy. Just as in war an army engages on land, in air and by sea… you must eliminate your weaknesses both consciously and subconsciously. Limiting yourself to one self help tool… affirmations for example… is no more intelligent than the army wielding pistols in the face of their enemy’s air force.

Develop and exploit your Self Improvement Arsenal

Arm yourself properly for battle, and you will surely eliminate your weaknesses. To ensure success, you must…

  • Maintain direct and exacting control of your conscious thoughts and actions
  • Endeavor to change your subconscious belief structures, no matter the cost
  • Surround yourself with like-minded, encouraging friends and family
  • Develop a physical body capable of taking on the world
  • Cultivate an attitude that is receptive to success
  • Create a physical environment and workspace that is conducive to effective work
  • Celebrate every success with vigor, and passionately vow to eliminate failure – at any cost

The battle can be long and arduous, and is never without its casualties. But fight your weaknesses with vigor and virility, and you will succeed in reclaiming your life. I have been through it all myself, and I can tell you from experience – the reward of a fulfilling life is worth all the sweat and tears in the world. We have many more Self Improvement Articles Now Available.

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