Seeing London in Two Days

First of all, it is overly ambitious at best to assume you can see most of the city of London in only two days. However, if you are limited in the amount of time you have in London, you can definitely maximize some of this time by narrowing down your sites to a few key places and then leveraging the city’s tourist bus system.

Hotels in London are easy to book and although finding something in a downtown area can be expensive, if you’re there for only a couple of days, you may find that the cost of parking your vehicle may outweigh the additional expense you may have if you choose to stay outside of town. We have many more London Vacation¬†Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

The sightseeing companies that offer the open air buses are probably one of the faster ways to see London and will include a majority of the more popular attractions. As a family traveling there, we loved the ease of being able to get on and off the bus anytime we wanted to see something a little more in depth. The passes that you’ll buy for one of these bus tours are affordable, especially when you look at what you get.

Some of the most dramatic sites include the London Bridge with all its history, the parliament building, “Big Ben”, the Tower of London which houses the crown jewels and is still even used today for some of the royal family events and traditional annual events specific to the country.

One of the stops along the bus tour is the London Eye which has the appearance of a huge Ferris wheel. This allows a truly bird’s eye view of the city and is located right along the Thames river. The park by this area is great if you have kids that want to take a break as well. There is plenty to see in London. The hard part will be deciding what you don’t have time for with only a short window of opportunity.

If you notice anything about the locals, you may find something particular about them and that is their ability to form a nice line or queue as it is called there. Aside from being very friendly people for the most part, they are also relatively organized and from a social commentary perspective, have a sense of fairness when it comes to such things.

The food itself is not known for its extravagance and may be considered bland by some. One of the traditional meals served up especially at lunch time is the classic fish and chips. The chips are usually what Americans call fries.

If you are there on business, make sure you venture away from the hotels in London to get the most advantage out of your visit. We have many more London Vacation Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.