With theft of motorcycles on the increase, especially from outside homes, many owners (and insurers) do not feel a simple chain is sufficient to protect their machine.

In fact, in some areas, for example parts of London, most insurance companies will not insure a motorcycle unless it is stored in a brick or metal built garage.

This is fine for those who have an existing garage, or more importantly have space in their garage, but what happens if you do not have this facility.


There are now a number of companies now manufacturing garages specifically designed for motorcycle storage.

It is possible to build a brick garage to suit but this will require planning permission and will be more expensive than metal garages which, these days, are just as secure.

Most of the dedicated metal garages currently available are good but make sure you select one which has been tested and approved by an authorising body – for instance SBD (Secured by Design – Police Preferred Specification) or the Loss Prevention Certification Board.

These official product approvals will help you gain insurance discounts, and in many cases, the garage can pay for itself through savings in premiums over a few years.

Avoid purchasing a cheap metal shed from a DIY store – a good thief will be inside in seconds; you should preferably buy direct from the manufacturer and expect to pay in the region of £1,000 for a decent one.

Sounds expensive, but remember the insurance discounts and that some metal garages are guaranteed for up to 25 years – a good long term investment. Also many garages include ground anchors, chains and padlocks so there is nothing additional to purchase.


Carefully consider where you will locate the garage, and how easy it will be to get the motorcycle in and out – remember that you will need some space around the garage in order to assemble it.

Many manufacturers offer a range of sizes, some large enough to store both your work bike and weekend bike together – larger garages are also useful if you need to work on the bike or if you wish to store other items too (tools, oils, cleaning fluids etc).

Usually a flat and level concrete base is needed to bolt the garage down onto – this is an easy job for your hammer drill and a handful of rawl / anchor bolts.

In general most garages can be assembled in a few hours.

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