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Job Interview Success – For recruitment purposes selection is the tool to gather all the necessary information and data about the person who has applied for the job. It is used to determine his suitability for the job position he has applied for and know whether he is to be hired for the job or not.

-Meaning Of Job Selection – Job Interview Success

Selection can also be described as the process through which would be workers of a particular organization are tested and examined to determine those that are qualified for a particular position and those who will not be accepted for the same job. At the end of the selection exercise those that are not qualified for the position are separated from those that are qualified. At the end it would be only those who are adjudged qualified are employed for the job why those who are not qualified are not employed for the job which means that they are eliminated  – Job Interview Success

Selection and job recruitment processes have a lot to do in determining the ability of the organization to reach its established goals and objectives. It ensures the square pegs are placed in square hole – Job Interview Success

There are different steps which are employed by companies to determining who is to be recruited to join the workforce of the company. Some of the steps are analyzed below:

-Key Points in Job Selections – Job Interview Success

1. Before the job recruitment is to start there must be a breakdown of the different tasks and schedules that are involved in a particular job as well as the duties and responsibilities that are attached to the different job positions. This is useful in helping the organization to determine the skills that are needed for a particular job and what skill to be looking for.

2. The other step is that the human resources department of the company must work out the procedure for the application processes and make it in such a way that it will reflect the need of the organization. The normal procedures is that the job seekers are usually allowed to make the job application in their hand writing pointing out the areas that they have an edge and what will make them employable by the organization. The inferences that would be drawn from their application will help in determining whether they are qualified for the job or not.

3. The other important is step is the written examinations stage. This is the way to determine the job applicant ability to make fast and quick judgment; this is always similar to the types of tasks he will meet if he is in the managerial position especially to the type he is seeking. It is through the process of the written examination that the number of the applicants would be drawn down because those whose did not do well in the examination would be expected to drop. Through that process the number of the applicant would be dropped to a manageable size.

-Key Job Interview Stage  – Job Interview Success

4. Then the preliminary interview stage followed suit. This is one of the final stages that are also aimed at getting all the necessary information about the job applicant to determine whether he is suitable for the job or not. The areas to check out for here include the educational qualifications, the physical fitness for the job as well as the relevant experience which he has gathered for the job.

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