Secret Mastery of Frequently Asked Interview Questions and Answers

OK we all know the questions at a typical interview such as “”Why do you want to work for us?” But what we really seldom look into is the thinking behind those questions and rarely take serious advantage of them. Did you know that they are looking more for your reaction as much as your answer? Remember the old saying it is not what you say but how you say it. A skilled interviewer is watching for your delivery. Getting the job means knowing how to deliver well crafted answers to frequently asked interview questions. When i say delivery I am not just talking about what your answers. I am also referring to your body language, your tone, facial expressions, and reactions. So lets get started.

Step 1 Do Not be Blinded by Your Interview

A blind interview is where you know the next to nothing about the company profile or the job profile. There is no excuse anymore not to know the company and the position. The internet has made the library in many way obsolete. Get educated on the company and the department and profile. Also see if you can look up any projects they are currently working which is a smart move.

Step 2 Focus on your answers and your external delivery

Again it is not just answering the questions so you know them. The real part of this mastery is being able to deliver the answers with a quick strong positive body language and tone. Always show eye contact sit up erect. Relax and never cross your legs just keep them side by side. Another key trick is to deliver any competency answers if possible in an analogy that relates to the company and or position.

Step 3 Focus on your interviewers body language and delivery

What ever you answer make sure they are receiving it correctly. Body language is a very strong signal whether your interview is going well or not. You may think is a great interview because you had all the answers. But the reality may be that their body language is saying just the opposite. Mastering common interview questions and answers is not a simple process. First you must be prepared for the interview. Know and expect the questions coming your way. And understand the physical signs from both you and the interviewer.

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