Second Chance Checking Accounts For Screw-Ups

Lets cut to the chase and stop the BS! The fact is that if your credit score or banking history is so bad that banks won’t even let you open a checking account, then you have to own up to one simple fact. You are high risk pal!

Bankers Like To Make Money Off the Public!

You see, even though banks have been gobbling up taxpayers money like a chickens at feeding time, they in fact are private businesses that are in the business of making money, “believe it or not”. To them you are just like a drunk wino walking into a grocery store. “Nothing but potential problems”.

Welcome To the Second Chance Checking Account

So how are banks going to make some money off you now? After all, your incredibly bad credit score and or dicey banking history also indicates one more thing and that is that you probably aren’t driving a Rolls Royce. What they have now are what are commonly referred to as second chance checking accounts.

It’s Time For Some Clear Strategic Thinking

So whats in it for you? Well there are several things. To start with you can sign up for direct deposit when you fill out job applications.  Think it doesn’t matter? Guess what pal? Thats one of the things the interviewer checks when he reads your job application.

Responsible Employee – Direct Deposit On Payday

No checking account means that theres a good chance your a screw-up. A checking account makes you look responsible. Hey! Thats why they ask the question on the job application! Think they care how you get your pay!?

Put Some Style Back Into Your Act!

What about taking chicks out? Wouldn’t you like to have a bank card you can use to get money at the ATM when your out? Maybe then she won’t think that you’re (a nobody). Well guess what bud? With a second chance checking account, you can finally have an ATM card again!

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