Screaming Tips – Easy Tips To Improve Your Monster Roar

Screaming is a very intense action of pushing your vocals into a distorted state. Since guitars can have both a clean and distorted channel, it should make sense that you’re vocals can do the same.

Hardcore and metal vocalists have been using special techniques and hard work to adapt their vocals for such heavy music and you can do the same. Try these effective screaming tips to develop some more heat on your vocals.

1. You can’t compete with the band. The entire band that you perform with is made up of pounding drums, wailing guitars, and thick bass all processed through sound amplification devices, so it’s ludicrous to think you can overpower them. During band practices wear ear plugs so that you’re able to hear yourself and work on the quality of your screaming without pushing too hard.

2. Nothing replaces proper posture. There is a lot of talk about screaming tips instructing you to be angry or think fiercely in order to summon these aggressive vocals, but that can all be replaced with proper posture. Learning to keep your abs tight, to inflate your stomach with each breath, and release a focused stream of air with each line is much more effective than any angry thoughts you might have.

3. For beginners, practice sparingly. In the beginning, when you’re learning to scream, you’re more than likely doing it incorrectly and incorrect practice can damage your vocals. However, by practicing incorrectly, you’ll eventually click into the correct actions, so keep your practices to a maximum of 15 minutes each in the first couple months.

4. Gargle twice per day. If you find that you have a lot of gunk and phlegm getting lodged in your throat, gargling can really clear that stuff out. Go into your bathroom and gargle with some salt water once in the morning and at night to tip your screaming in the right direction.

5. Do vocal warm-ups the day before a performance. Your voice needs more of a reminder than just before the show to know that it’s going to be performing so plan ahead. Do your vocal warm-ups or the songs you scream with at least an entire day in advance for best results.

6. Scream on top of the notes. Some screamers might tip you off by telling you that you need to make rasp into the note. Think visually of coming down on top of every note in order to release the more powerful syllables of your scream.

Screaming has only recently become an accepted type of aggressive vocals, but you can’t take your vocal chords for granted. Put these screaming tips into action, work smart and safe, and start getting more aggressive on stage with your voice.

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