Scottsdale Pest Control

Scottsdale Pest Control services may be called for for any number of reasons, ranging from minor annoyances, such as cockroaches, to real threats like scorpions. If you have young children who enjoy the outdoors and you live near the open desert, that’s all the more reason to call on a Scottsdale pest control professional.

The creatures that a Scottsdale scorpion exterminator typically deals with resembles a small lobster. However, they are only distantly related to that sea creature, and are actually a member of the spider family (“arachnids”). Most Scottsdale scorpion exterminators will tell you that most scorpions are not deadly, although their sting can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort, depending on the species. Of the 1500 different species that exist worldwide, only a relative handful produce venom deadly enough to cause severe physical reactions in humans.

This does not mean you should not call should you have a problem calling for a Scorpion exterminator. Scottsdale and the Valley of the Sun is home to some sixty different species of scorpion, not all of which have even been identified.

According to our scorpion exterminator, Scottsdale and its environs are prime scorpion territory. While every Scottsdale pest control expert knows his/her scorpions, s/he will tell you that our own Arizona native is centruroides vittatus, the common striped scorpion. It’s only one of many, however; Arizona and Southern California have the greatest diversity, and especially the area around Tempe and Scottsdale; pest control experts in our community are kept busy, especially in the summer months. One species to beware of that Scottsdale scorpion exterminators must deal with frequently is the Arizona Bark Scorpion. It is the most commonly encountered type in peoples’ homes around Scottdale. Pest control services should be called immediately should you find one, as its venom can cause severe pain, swelling, breathing difficulties and even convulsions.

A species that is of of less interest to the Scottsdale scorpion exterminator is the Desert Hairy Scorpion. This variety is actually beneficial, especially if you raise vegetables or flowers, as it eats insect pests. Another relatively innocuous species is the Stripe-Tailed Scorpion, which is a very small variety. As you can see, not all kinds of scorpions call for the services of a scorpion exterminator; Scottsdale’s scorpion population is not all bad.

One thing you’ll want to make sure of is that your Scottsdale pest control service is a “green” company that avoids the use of toxic chemicals. What will harm scorpions will harm you and your pets when it comes tp pesticides used by a scorpion exterminator. Scottsdale pest control companies that use such pesticides only as a last resort are your best bet. Do your due diligence and check out several Scottsdale pest control services to find one that is eco-friendly as well as effective.

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