Schwinn Airdyne Bikes — Oldies But Goodies?

Airdyne bikes are what you think of when you think dual action exercise bike.  I bought a Schwinn bike almost 20 years ago and it’s still going strong.  Here’s what you get with these machines.

An exercise bike is a great way to lose weight and get fit right at home.  There is no machine that offers more benefits than these.  Think of all the money you can save by exercising at home rather than at a gym.  With a Schwinn Airdyne, you don’t get the cheapest bike.  Here’s the thing though…  You only have to buy one bike.  That’s because these bikes just go on and on.  It’s a deal in the long run.  Here’s why…

It’s the rugged construction and the trouble-free design.  Now, granted, the Airdynes are light on electronics.  Very little computer power comes with these.  But, with the simple design there’s almost nothing to tear up.  You get a machine that’s trouble free.  In 20 years of use, my bike has needed nothing except batteries for the timer.  That’s it.

Look, these bikes can take hard use.  But this is a fun bike to ride.  The resistance comes from spinning a big old fan.  Now that makes some noise, no doubt.  But it’s a cooling breeze too. 

And since you can pump with your arms and pedal with your legs, it’s easy to fight boredom.  That’s because you can always switch workouts around.  You can beat back boredom.  That’s the key to sticking with an exercise bike fitness program.  Fight back boredom.

An Airdyne bike is a one time investment in fitness.  That’s because these machines are built to last.  I’m sure Schwinn has long ago given up on selling two machines to the same person.  You’ll never wear out one…

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