Savusavu Hot Springs – The Bubbling Baths of Mother Earth

The weather is humid, the air is balmy and even the people greet you with warm smiles in Fiji, the nation which comprises hundreds of islands. The population is as diverse as the geographical elements which range from mountain terrains to forests and beaches.

The capital of Fiji is ‘Suva’, but its biggest secret is tucked away in the city of ‘Savusavu‘, the home of the hot water springs. Commonly dubbed the ‘Hidden Paradise’, Savusavu is richly endowed by nature. The shimmering bay bordered by copra plantations and a hilly landscape make the tiny island a much loved destination by foreign travelers. The entire city has retained its old world charm but is keenly adapting to the needs of the foreigners who travel there frequently. Savusavu’s beach is an ideal location for scuba diving, sailing, spot fishing, snorkeling and kayaking.  Trekking, cycling and hiking is possible on the mountain ranges surrounding the beach.

Just behind the rocky highlands are the bubbling hot water springs, possibly the hottest tourist attraction in that part of the world. The rain water gets absorbed deep into the earth through the crevices in the hills and amasses minerals from the core of the earth. The heat and pressure that works upon it makes it emerge onto the surface of the earth, in the form of natural hot water springs. The geothermal mineral water springs are even used by the locals for cooking, so drop by in the afternoon to see little cauldrons full of indigenous roots and shrubs bobbing up and down in the steaming natural waters.

The city of Savusavu is undeniably among the best spots in the world for a quiet getaway. Romancing on the coasts, exploring the hills and getting pampered at a luxury Fiji resort are all part and parcel of a visit to the paradise island. Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort and Spa Yanuca Islands is a favoured resort in Fiji, an immaculate complement to a discerning traveler’s stay.

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