Saving Money While Saving Or Increasing Its Value With Short Term Investments

Short term investments are bonds and stocks that can quickly be liquidated. Alternatively, it is an account, which contains company investments that will expire before the end of one year. A company investing short term, can manage to invest any extra cash in bonds and stocks to gain more interest than it could by using ordinary savings accounts. Another definition is any investment that will mature in a relatively short length of time.

There are many types of short term investments like certificate of deposits, savings, money market accounts, T notes, money market funds, and many others. None of them are risk free and some can require keeping your money with them a while, usually at least six months. Some allow you to move money around freely. Each individual needs to decide what works best for him or her. We have many more Short term Investing Help Articles Now Available.

Thrift institutions, credit unions, and banks offer a CD or a certificate of deposit, which is a time deposit. This type of investment is insured by the government, so if you trust the government, you can consider this investment risk-free. This investment is like putting money in the bank except there is a fixed interest term that is specific. The term can be from three months up to five years. You get a higher interest than you would from a bank, but the payout is not that high and usually just three to five percent. Money market funds are not insured, but have a higher pay out.

Treasury bills or T-bills have been called the safest investment in the U.S. They mature in as little as one year or it can be as high as ten years. They also have a low interest rate. There can be a coupon payment after every six months. When people are discussing the achievements of the USA, the ten-year Treasury note is the most frequently quoted security. These bills are often sold in denominations of one thousand dollars.

Saving money is a good idea, except the longer it sits in the safe the more value it loses. What may have been a large amount when you put it in may not seem like that much when you take it out. There was a time, when you could buy a lot with a dime. With the value of a dollar quickly declining, it almost makes more sense to spend money as soon as you get it so it does not become worthless, although what may be better for your future is an investment. However, with such an unreliable future, people might not want investments that require money being tied up for decades or more. That is why short term investments are worth considering. We have many more Investing Help Articles Now Available.

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