Saving Money Thru EFT

Here’s a great story I wanted to pass along to share how I was able to save an acquaintance $500 with 20 minutes of EFT! We have many more Money Saving Help Articles Now Available.

I was visiting “Nancy’s” shop one day and she was complaining to me about the stress in her life.

She was recently married, her former boss was suing her for a non-compete and she had just opened up her own shop. As a result of all of this stress, she was grinding her teeth. Her dentist informed her it would cost $500 to buy the necessary “bite guard” to protect her teeth from future grinding.

Nancy was open to trying EFT when I mentioned it to her. Her co-worker even watched us as we tapped.

“Even though all of this stress from from Susan (her former boss) is making me miserable and grind my teeth….”

and then tapped the reminder phrase “grinding my teeth”. Later tapping to “all of the problems from “Susan”….”all the money on lawyer’s fees”…and finally, “ruining my pretty smile”.

Within 20 minutes, she was feeling relaxed and laughing. I gave Nancy homework to tap “grinding my teeth” which she did several times a day for two weeks. Its been four months and the problem hasn’t returned. Nancy is sleeping stress-free. She’s happy and has saved $500!!!

I’ve found that using the “right” words and being specific to address different issues is the key to success with EFT.

Kate’s EFT tapping treatment left me feeling so much more relaxed at the end of the treatment than I had been when we first started. I recently started my own business and was experiencing difficulty asking for help from people who could help this new entrepreneur. Today I made several phone calls to business professionals whose expertise would assist me in my new business. I made those calls with no difficulty, where as before EFT, I had much difficulty making these calls. I will definitely continue to tap on this issue for maintenance and will work with Kate on other issues as they come up in the future. We have many more Money Saving Help Articles Now Available.

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