Samsung E6 Ebook Reader: Features You’ll Love and Hate the Most

Samsung’s first ebook reader is on the way and the Samsung E6 ebook reader will be on the same playing field as countless ebook readers. Deciding which ereader to buy can be difficult, but if you’re considering

Look the advantage and the disadvantage below:
The Bad:
Response Time
The Samsung E6 has lots of features very similar to the Sony E-book Reader Touch Edition and one of the features is the long lag this ereader takes to respond after an action (unfortunately). The precision stylus pen is great, but what good is having such great technology on a medium that won’t handle its features properly – it’s like having the best kite in the world in a windless town.

The Kindle is backed by Amazon and Barnes & Noble are backing the Nook, but who has Samsung got? The Samsung E6 ebook reader is backed by Google Books but the only features that are coming out of that deal are free books (that you can find almost anywhere). Hopefully Samsung’s E6 can manage to do as well as Sony’s E-book Reader series without any major support. We have many more Samsung E6 Articles Now Available.

Slider Control Pad
One of the distinguishing features of the Samsung E6 ereader is its sliding control panel. The control panel features look great from afar, but up close; it’s just kinda’ pointless. There is really no need to have a touchscreen, advanced stylus, and navigation pad in one device. I suppose it would be great to have another option if the touchscreen went kaput, but without the navigation features, I’m pretty sure the cost of the Samsung E6 would be less.
The Samsung E6 ebook reader will ship in March or April 2010 for a whopping price of $399. There aren’t enough features or innovation in the Samsung E6 pocket reader to justify the high price of $399. Sumsung’s competition will all have established ereader models on the market for less and it’ll be hard for the Samsung E6 to compete in the same market. Also, keep in mind that the Apple iPad is set to release in April for just $100 more and with all of its features; it’s sure to leave the Samsung E6 in the dust.

The Good:
Precision Stylus Pen
The EMR technology of the Samsung E6 ebook reader will offer more precision than any other ebook reader on the market and will allow users to convert handwriting to text.
The Samsung E6 ereader features support for both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection support. These features give users the ability to download ebooks on demand and share select ebooks with other Samsung E6 owners.
Battery Life
The Apple iPad boasts 10 hours of battery life, but charging your Samsung E6 for only four hours will give owners of this ereader up to two weeks of battery life to enjoy all the features of their Samsung E6 ereader. Two weeks of battery life is more than enough for long airplane rides or road trips and it’s likely you’ll never run out of battery life with this ebook reader (so long as you don’t forget to charge it for two weeks).
Free Ebooks
Don’t get me wrong; all ebooks won’t be free on the Samsung E6 ereader, but Samsung has partnered with Google to provide a vast library of public domain books (free ebooks reader) for its users. The free ebook reader features of the Samsung E6 are sure to be a huge selling point for Samsung and it will definitely make ebook reader enthusiasts happy. We have many more Samsung E6 Articles Now Available.


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