Sample Resume

Sometimes when you are trying to make the best impression you can with your resume, (and who isn’t?) you may want to take a look at a sample resume. Doing this can be a valuable guide and give you a good idea of whether you are heading in the right direction with your resume.

Going to Google and typing in “sample resume” will search out a plethora of websites where you can look at a sample resume. These sites will also offer a lot of other information to help you in your quest for the perfect resume. They may list some common mistakes to avoid, some may seem very obvious and some will be more helpful than others.

Everyone knows, or should know, that spelling and/or grammatical errors can be the kiss of death to your resume. This will say to the employer that you are careless; he or she may feel you are not a good writer, and if you don’t care enough to make sure your resume is perfect, how conscientious would you be as an employee? You will never see any errors like this on a sample resume.

A high-quality sample resume will also highlight accomplishments as opposed to duties. The employer wants to know what you have done, and done well, not only the things you were assigned to do. Did you implement a new billing or filing system that saved the company some money? These types of undertakings speak to your innovative and ambitious nature and emphasize the fact that you are willing to go the extra mile and think outside the box.

A sample resume worth it’s salt will also be specific to the position and company to which you are applying. Generalizing on your resume will make the employer feel like maybe this is just an attempt to get any job at all, and not that you really care about working for this particular company. Don’t make this mistake. Do some research on the company, and be specific.

Another thing you will notice on a quality sample resume is the use of plenty action words, or verbs. Employers are impressed with words and descriptions that show what you have accomplished, some examples, or “power verbs,” as I like to call them, are “utilized,” “created,” “resolved,” and “implemented.” Don’t be afraid to blow your own horn, humbly, of course, because no one else is going to!

This would also go hand in hand with leaving out important information, don’t do that! Although there may be some jobs you held in the past that you feel may not be impressive to the employer, any skills that you picked up at these jobs, whether it be time-management, a word processing application, or even just some experience in office politics, might make more of an impression than you know. Don’t sell yourself short.

So, look at a sample resume, but don’t stop there, look at another, and another. One sample resume may be completely different than the next, but all will help guide you in the creation of a resume which will hopefully get you the job you want.

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