A good sample credit repair dispute letter is the beginning of a successful credit repair campaign. There are a number of different kinds of credit repair letters. You have dispute letters to the credit bureaus, negotiation of debt letters to collection companies and cease and desist letters. One of the first credit repair letters should be written to collection agency if they are harassing you over the phone.

This is usually one of the first letter's that is necessary during the course of your credit repair efforts. If you are lucky enough to not have collectors harassing you then you wont be needing the cease and desist letter. We have many more Bad Credit Help Articles Now Available.

The most popular sample letter for credit repair would be the dispute letter written directly to the credit bureaus. In this letter you are challenging your debt with the credit bureaus, in other words you are telling them to prove that the debt is legitimate and it should be on your credit report.

Below is a sample credit repair dispute letter that can be used to dispute debt with the credit bureaus;

Your Name
Your Street Address
Your City
State & zip code

Credit Bureau Name
Their Full Address

Dear Credit Bureau,

I am writing to formally complain that you are including inaccurate information in my credit report file.

I am upset that you have included this information in my file and have not kept my credit file up to high accuracy standards. The credit laws ensure that bureaus only report 100% accurate information. Every step must be taken to make sure the information reported is complete and accurate.

The following item below needs to be investigated. I would also like to be provided with proof of this alleged item, specific contract or note bearing my signature. If this cannot be provided the item must be deleted from my report as soon as possible:

Creditor Name, Account number (####-###)


Your Signature
Your Name.

There are also specific mailing instructions that need to be followed when mailing to the credit bureaus. You need to make sure they received your letters and are working on your disputes in a timely manner. We have many more Credit Repair Articles Now Available.