Safety in Spiritual Development Meditations

Because of the demands of family, work and our non- stop lives, it is often hard to find the time to attend a to learn spiritual meditation so we seek out downloadable meditationsthat we can use whenever we have a few minutes spare.

When we sit in a psychic school or spiritual development circle or group we feel protected by the proficiency of the medium who is in control of the circle. So are downloadable meditations for spiritual growth and meditation exercises safe for us to use on our own?

What you should be sure of when purchasing any meditations is that they are specifically aimed at your spiritual development and that the source you are purchasing from is legitimate and that they have taken serious consideration into the safety of their meditations.

Some of the safety features that should be installed into all the meditations are:

  • Accesses to a website were you can research the process of spiritual development.
  • Professionally recorded meditations so you can be sure that you are getting quality.
  • Opening and closing of chakra to guide you into and out of a proper guided meditative state.
  • Meditations focused on spiritual development for the highest of good.
  • Explanation of each meditation you are purchasing.
  • More then 3 definite processes installed into the meditations to be sure you will come back when the meditation finishes, for instance;
    • A. being counted out of the meditation more than once,
    • B. changes in sound reverberation between the actual meditation and the chakra opening and closing,
    • C. a loud sound or bell to make you aware of yourself, amongst others.

  • Meditations split into levels of experience so you know you are doing the right meditation for yourself.
  • Once you have found and downloaded your meditations, the other safety precaution you must take is not to listen to the meditations to help you go to sleep, They are specifically for spiritual personal development not a sleep remedy.

    A good download meditation site will offer you meditation tips, such as finding a quiet place were you can sit with your feet earthed to the ground and you can be certain that you are ready and prepared to enhance your spiritual journey, safely and with guidance.

    All that is left for you to do is to enjoy your meditations and open yourself to the understanding of the universe.

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