Romantic and wild Co To Island

When visiting Co To Island which is located in Co To district, Quang Ninh province, tourists will enjoy the wild and romantic atmosphere there. The island is quite wild with tourists because it has just explored and developed tourism.

The old name of Co To Island is Chang Son Island, It was the residence of fishermen lived Northeast a long time. Co To Island has the hill terrain, the middle of the island is high, surroundings are low hills and narrow fields. Moreover, along the island is the sandy beach and cove.  Although the island has a few rivers, the groundwaters are very rich and hight quality. Therefore, plants on Co To Island is diverse and plentiful about the types. The natural forests are so abundant with a lof of good wood and rattan as well as casuarina, eucalyptus in regeneration forests. 

When visiting Co To Island, tourists will enjoy the fresh and sunny and windy atmosphere in there. The island has wild natural beauty because it has just explored and not much tourism development. You can rent a motorbike to explore the forest road and get new experiences. The narrow and cool road lead to a lighthouse which was built by Frances, far 4km from the town and located on mountant  high 101 meters. The lighthouse of Co To island is the best place for seeing the landscape of the island in your eyes.

Far 11km from the town, Van Chay beach located on the West of the island. It’s still wild with the curving coastline, smooth sandy beaches, and pretty huge waves. In addition, Van Chay beach is the famous beach which has the greatest number of tourists to swimming. There are some restaurants and swimming services in the beach but it’s not much.

In the East of the island is Hong Van beach far 5km from the town. Waves of the beach are not huge like Van Chay beach. Hong Van beach is the most beautiful beach in Co To island, but it has not tourism services yet, the beach doesn’t attract tourism to swimming like Van Chay beach. However, if anyone visit the beach, they will be attracted by casuarina groves and stunning coastal path. Actually, having Co To park, it has canoeing only.

The best place for seeing the sunrise and take photos is the rocky shore which is far 3km from Co To town.  The shore is the popular place for making wedding album of young couples.  

If you want to book hotels to stay, you should pre-book because Co To island has a few hotel, mainly hostels, and homestays. Tourists can book hostel to cook or buy food and rent local people to cook. Price for it is not much expensive from US$5-7/person.

Though Co To island has not luxury resorts and plentiful services like Phu Quoc island or Halong Bay, friendly and helpful local people and wild natural beauty will make tourist want to come back or stay longer.  

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