Role Of Senior Citizens In Shaping The Society

Role Of Senior Citizens In Shaping The Society

            Senior citizens carry a vast experince about life in its various dimensions.All depend on them to lead a life of happiness and freedom.They should happily share their ideas and views about the various aspects of the society and the country.They should never remain in silence when the soiety wants them with vigor and zeal.They should educate the young minds to bring a revolution and try to transform the society with a greater vision.They are the experienced drivers of the society.They can enthuse formulas of all round development of the society by their thoughts,words and deeds.

Back bone of the society-Senior citizens are the back bone of the society.They are much experienced and understand the value of life.From all angles they should try to protect the society.They should raise their voice in various channels against any lacuna and maladjustment in the society.They should feel themselves as the special citizens and accordingly try to bring in young minds self discipline.By their suggestions and ideas they should help the people of different categories.Persons listen to them with all attention as their words have a greater value in building a nation.They should with all earnestness try to upkeep the pride and dignity of the country.

Love and Affection-All the persons in the society love them.In exchange they should love all and inject love in the minds of others.Recollecting the secrets of life from their experiences they should try to inject the harmonious and decent living ways in the young minds.By their love society will be benefited and rise to a greater height.Distributing love and affection in the minds of all they should try to eradicate the chaos and conflicts.They have a greater peace of mind and should try for the same in the society.By their association with the people of all ages they can help the society in a bigger way.

Old is Gold-There is a proverb that old is gold.Yes,it is correct.The old people are matured enough to inject in the young minds the management techniques.They are the carriers of great values and all the persons respect them to hear a few words from their mouths.They are the most beloved persons in the society.Realizing their improtance they should help the society with all their strength and might.They can transform and bring a revolution in the society by their thoughts,words and deeds.

Fight against Corruption-Now a days corruption has gone to a greater height in the society.Beginning from the village level worker to the supreme ruler no body is an exception to it.All are involved in some sort of malpractice.The senior citizens should raise their voice against corruption to help the needy and the poor people who require special attention.They should try to find the corrupt people and bring them to lime light by their voice in the media.They are the itellectuals of the society and the society depends upon them to live with pride and dignity.Now a days it is seen that the corrupt people are being elected and elevated to higher posts creating a disater in the minds of the honest persons.Fighting against corruption is only in pen and paper.The ultimate result is that the rich is becoming richer and the poor is becoming poorer.The senior citizens have a direct role to fight aginst corruption.

Spirituality-Spirituality in life is essential to build a vibarnt and dynamic nation.People are becoming modernised no doubt but they are forgetting the vital aspect of life which is spirituality.They are going to temples,churches and mosques for only selfish interests.They have no real devotion for the Lord.The senior citizens are spiritual as assumed by the society.They should try to educate the masses about the essence of life.They should inject spirituality in the young minds.They should teach the people to lead a religious way of life.They should be spiritual boosters in the society and try to inject the spirit of the Almighty in the mind of every body.

Creating Superior Talents-Senior citizens have all the powers and potency to create superb talents in the society.They can transform lives of ordinary students and persons.By their intelligence they can bring revolution and create minds of extra ordinary talents and perseverance.They by their transmission powers should inject intelligence in the children ao that the children will be able to achieve their aims and help the society working with perfection and beauty.The senior citizens have the powers to inject in the minds of the students the success secrets.They should with all love and earnestness try to bring the children in to the main stream of life so that they can help the country in a better manner in future.By creating superior talents thay can make the society vibrant and dynamic.

Every Field of Life-Senior people have a role to play in every field of life.Be it school,college,organization,institution or any other profession all value their ideas and suggestions.The school,colleges and organizations should invite them to listen their valuable suggestions to build a vibrant nation.They should with all earnestness attend seminars in schools and colleges and spend with the children a few moments.Those moments will act like change agents.The students and the employess will be benifited to a great extent.

Creating Examples-The senior citizens should become examples for others by their noble actions.If they engage themselves in the developmental actvities other persons will be attracted to help them with all their strength and might.By their constant effort they can make the nation vibrant and dynamic.By thinking good and doing good they can set examples which will be followed by others for all times.They should just relax and mix with people with their valuable suggestions and thoughts which will help the people of all ages to advance on the life’s path with all beauty and perfection.

           All should be aware that in building a nation the talents of the old people have played a major role.They are the brains behind all great efforts.The society should give them respect to be benifited by their thoughts.They are the gretaest visionary and upkeeper of the country.Their suggestions and advice can protect us from all dangers and living with their thoughts we can lead a dynamic life forgetting all states of stupor.By obeying their instructions we can save the society from all imperfections.Working in peace and harmony we can build a vibrant nation.

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