Rodrigues Island, a dream destination for your holidays

Rodrigues Island is another wonderful holiday destination in the Indian ocean. Whether it be for the just married couple who want to go on honeymoon or the whole family or friends for a well deserved vacation, Rodrigues Island has all the ingredients to take care of your needs. Imagine an island straight out of a romance novel – miles and miles of untouched beaches, friendly and warm people, relaxing Rodrigues hotels, peace and tranquillity and lush flora and fauna all round. Rodrigues offers an eclectic mix of scenic beauty, scintillating natural wonders and a unique culture and laidback lifestyle that visitors find refreshing and invigorating.

Rodrigues is the smallest of the Mascarene Islands, 109 sq km in size, situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean. It is surrounded by a coral reef, and its capital is Port Mathurin. It is a part of the Mascarene Islands and happens to be the smallest amongst them, measuring just 109 square kilometres, with the highest elevation being 355 metres. The capital Port Mathurin is named after Mathurin Brehinier, a French gentleman who was one of the first settlers on the island, and the town is by far the liveliest part of the island with the most restaurants, shops, places to stay , and banks than elsewhere in the area.

There a number of relaxing and private hotels and you can use our map of Rodrigues to select your hotel in Rodrigues island based on its location and proximity to the attractions who want to explore. You should also use your Rodrigues holiday to visit other great destinations in the region such as Madagascar, Swaziland, Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa.

The people of Rodrigues are affable, friendly, very simple and extremely shy at times, but their old world manners are sure to win you over. Even the local language ‘Creole’ is spoken at a slower pace than in Mauritius, of which Rodrigues is a part. Port Mathurin is situated in the north of the island and the airport is situated at Plaine Corail.

Rodrigues dazzles its visitors with a wealth of natural wonders. From hilltops to creeks, from lush forests to gurgling lagoons, there is so much to discover and experience. Taking a Rodrigues tour is a great way to experience this island which is relatively unknown to the mainstream tourist, and is the perfect place for walking enthusiasts and hikers. One can easily imagine that one is on a deserted island, and go about discovering little creeks, inlets and the numerous deserted pools which seem to be untouched by civilisation.

Legend has it that the island was once a Pirate’s haven and many believe that there are still undiscovered treasure troves here. Although one should take local lore with a pinch of salt, its expansive coral reef is indeed a natural treasure. One of the most distinctive features of this reef is the fact that it is self-seeding, and does not receive coral zooplankton from anywhere else. There are some varieties of coral found here that are exceedingly rare, making it a scuba diver’s paradise.

The island has a lot of interesting tales and legends that add a distinct character to the place. Local myths claim that the pirates who stopped by the island hid magnificent treasures away in the numerous caves and inlets, though many modern day treasure hunters have not been able to unearth a thing!

One of the best ways to discover the little island is on foot or on a local Rodrigues tour – there are lots of interesting little paths that are regularly used by the locals, and these make for some very pleasant hikes.

With the island being relatively unspoilt, much of its natural flora and fauna remains abundant and awe inspiring. It is a treat to see so many unusual species flourish in so compact an area. Noteworthy amongst these are the Rodrigues warbler, Rodrigues fruit bat and Rodrigues fody. Also look out for the many shellfish and crustaceans, as well as the indigenous flora, including over 40 species of trees. Some other endemic species of animals are now extinct, including the Rodrigues giant tortoise, and the Rodrigues solitaire.

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