Road Traffic Accidents Due to Poor Road Surfaces

No matter if your a motorist, biker or a cyclist, you’ll have witnessed at least once in your lifetime an accident or near accident where the main negligent party was the actual road surface itself. It is a problem that anyone who uses our roads is aware of and it is a problem that is getting worse. When you hear of a road traffic accident you automatically think of a vehicle collision. Poor road conditions amount for a high percentage of road traffic accidents each year including deaths.

Road Surfaces and the Weather

Adverse weather conditions make driving dangerous. It also makes roads sometimes virtually impassable to drive along. The weather causes all sorts of wear and tear to road surfaces, by wiping away road markings and wearing away the top layer of the road that helps with the traction of tyres.

Heavy Rain or flash floods, can dump 2 months of rainwater on an area in just a couple of hours. Uprooting trees and placing various obstacles making driving in these condition absolutely lethal. Strong winds can tear down road signs used to inform the driver of any up-and-coming dangers such as tight bends or speed limits. Ice is another danger that can lead to road traffic accidents, especially during the winter months, poor drainage is normally the problem with water freezing on word down tarmac leaving driving conditions to be extremely treacherous.

Pot Holes Mean Danger

Potholes are another common problem. Drivers will automatically try and swerve their vehicle out of the way of a pothole and can then put themselves in even bigger danger by over-steering into oncoming traffic or even mount pavements and put pedestrians at risk. The same can be said for motorbike riders and also cyclists. Hitting a pothole at speed is not good for the wheels and carriage of any road vehicle and can cause serious accidents if the driver loses control.

In most cases, if you have suffered an injury or damage to your vehicle or bike due to poor road conditions you may be eligible to make an injury claim against your local authority or council. By contacting a personal injury lawyer you can find out the correct action required and also receive expert legal advice about an injury you have received through poor road conditions.

If you have received an injury due to poor road conditions you may be eligible to make a claim for compensation for your traffic accident claim


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