Ripped Abs – Ripped Abs Made Easy by Forgetting About Situps, Crunches, and Cardio, This is Better

What you think you know about getting ripped abs, hot abs, six pack abs, or whatever kind of abs is wrong. If you think situps, crunches, and cardio are the best way to get ripped abs… you’ll need to read this article to learn the truth. You’ll waste a lot of time in and out of the gym not getting this aspect of training handled.

You’ll also continue to have flab instead of abs… thus disappointing you. So here’s what you need to know about getting ripped 6 pack abs….

#1: Situps and crunches suck

Why… because they don’t focus 100{7bd3c7ad8bdfca6261de5ca927cd789e17dbb7ab504f10fcfc6fb045f62ae8d5} on your abs throughout the movements… especially situps. A lot of the exercise hits the psoas muscles. Building up the psoas can actually make you look fatter. About the only thing you can expect from situps is a sore neck… instead of sore abs.

Now, if you were to do crunches, just go 1/3 the way up and keep your eyes looking up at the ceiling. But still, crunches aren’t that great for getting ripped abs.

#2: Squat and deadlift

These are the 2 best exercises to get ripped abs… and they don’t even work the abs directly. They work the abs indirectly. The abs both flex and stabilize during these 2 movements. Since you are using weighted resistance, these are way better than a silly little crunch.

If you want ripped abs, all you would have to do are these 2 exercises and the following…

#3: Diet is king!

You can forget about the gym if your diet sucks. You won’t get ripped abs from the gym alone unless you have some pretty incredible genetics. Diet is the single most important thing in getting ripped abs. So get your diet right before going for 6 pack abs. If you were just to follow those 3 rules, you’ll get ripped abs without having to do much cardio at all. And besides… your typical cardio isn’t the best way to burn up belly fat anyway.

So to reiterate… forget that treadmill type of cardio and forget about situps and crunches… to get ripped abs you should first focus on your diet and second do a lot of squats and deadlifts.

Also, if you’re a woman reading this… these rules also apply to you. Don’t be afraid to do squats or deadlifts… they work! You’ll still have nice female abs… your abs will be hot… don’t worry about getting bodybuilder type abs… you won’t.

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