Rimadyl Without a Prescription – Rimadyl For Old Dogs

Rimadyl, better known by it’s generic name, Carprofren, a drug produced by Pfizer Animal Health, is a drug designed to relieve arthritic symptoms in geriatric, or elderly dogs.

Rimadyl is available in the United States and is administered as 25, 75 and 100 mg tablets that is either administered orally (mixed either with the dog’s ration of food or fed directly into its mouth) or injected into the animal. It can be taken either in the morning or the evening.

The objective of such a drug is to relieve joint pain, or to provide relief due to the effects of osteoarhtritis, hip displasia or any other kind of joint deterioration.

But Rimadyl does not necessarily work for every dog. For some, the results have been disastrous, even fatal. Therefore, the following questions are in order concerning this drug:

-How does Rimadyl work?

As indicated in the above article, Rimadyl relieves joint pain and other bone-related issues in one’s geriatric dog.

-Will a generic drug be available for Rimadyl?

There already is. Carprofen is one of the generic names for Rimadyl among others, such as Novox (or Vedco).

-How Do I use Rimadyl?

It’s been generally recommended that you use it with a favorite food that you know your dog likes. You can at first administer the drug to your dog by chopping it in half. Once the dog becomes accustomed to the drug, you can give it to them whole. You can administer Rimadyl to your dog either in the morning or the evening.

-How can I buy a generic for Rimadyl?

By going online at TheDrugCompany.com

-How can I buy Rimadyl online?

Again, by contacting the above website for more details.

-How can I save money on Rimadyl?

By discussing the matter with your vet or by going online to the above website.

-Does Rimadyl help with arthritis?

If you’re a dog, yes. Rimadyl is designed to help aged dogs get pain relief from arthritis.

-Is Rimadyl the same as Carprofen?

Rimadyl is Carprofen; Carprofen is one of Rimadyl’s various generic names.

-Where Can I get information on how to use Rimadyl?

By going online to TheDrugCompany.com

-How many people are taking Rimadyl?

Numerous people are using Rimadyl for their dogs, an actual number cannot be conclusively determined.

-Is cheap Rimadyl available in other countries other than the U.S.?

-Certainly. There are other countries, especially in Europe, that sells cheap or lower-priced Rimadyl.

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